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30 October 2009 @ 03:39 pm
I thiiiiink I may have totally made up a whole lot of hoo-ha for my Stats ass(essment) but for the present moment I haven't a care in the world!

I'll fix it later. I feel better having looked through it and at least having SOMETHING to pass in next week. I did something 7 days in advance. (I know, WHAT THE HECK, right? Kiwi must be on something.) I'm going rogue.

Time for the walk home, I suppose I suppose. I have joy! It's awesome. :) I'm super excited for the weekend even though it's stressful. I must find candy!

♥ whee candy.

I am clearly a six-year-old inside. y/y? Would anyone like to debate this? =P
Current Mood: ecstaticEcstatic.