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29 October 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • I fail at nail painting. I knew this. Almost sleep time. I am useless sicky girl in my bed. With coloured nails.
  • Mary McDonnell will be like 2 hours away from me come the end of November. Why does money not exist in my life? Depressing.
  • I'm going to play some soft uke and zonk out.I need to be a living person tomorrow, really. Please Universe?
  • I went to bed before midnight (which DOESN'T happen) and I still feel like ickiness. Going to Stats and His/phil of Sci, come home CRASH.
  • There is no way I will stay awake during Stats given that it's in the big lecture theatre...even with a crush on the professor...wow.
  • Time to go downstairs and make a mewl for now and this evening. So tired. Can't wait for nap.
  • I am so ridiculously excited for this nap. Hopping into bed and it will be lush. Mmmmm.
  • I like how added "Maybe if Sarah's kind..." before her possibly giving me some stir-fry 'cause I'm giving her baby corn and green beans.
  • Does Sass remember how to be kind to me? Wow, that was a judgemental thought. Ouchies bad energy. Connection with Sass has diminished greatly
  • I have a new ladybird friend that keeps coming to visit me and is hanging out on my mouse wire. Giggles.
  • Lady bird has made it into my finger. Laughs.
  • The real test of Lady Gaga: does it help me clean my room? Time for load music and cleanage. We'll see how she tests.
  • bit.ly/4lVb7b So, uhm, that's my friend's valedictorian speech. Around the 1m mark she says something about me that warms my heart.
  • ROOM CLEAN TIME, *NOW*, Kiwi! No more researching Lady Gaga! Time to get your game on, ya hear? Or I'll give you my evil eyes in the mirror!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!