Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • I did not just record songs instead of typing up my assessment, why on earth would you think that? Although I have memstick now, so work.
  • I need to remember to angle my head the other way when I video. My fringe-side is more attractive by a lot.
  • Given that my ukulele is yelling at me to do my work (as my friend reminds me), I'm going to type up my shite now. Then more fun.
  • No. I will not allow myself to doubt me too much. Yes, some of this will be wrong, but I also worked hard and did my best.
  • Mistakes are acceptable. Mistakes are how I learn. Get a little thing wrong in an assessment, remember it forever for exams. I know this.
  • I wish I had a more unique voice. I do LIKE my voice, it's just...kind of normal. Wish I could pull off unique instead! Ah. Got what I got!
  • Bathing suits are very not flattering on me, especially given I have terrible posture when I play the ukulele. Bad combination.
  • I have no idea what possessed me to put that video on Youtube. My life is nonsense. I should be sleeping, feels natural awake..
  • Shoot just realised I didn't write this bit down before. Good that I'm typing it up now. Tomorrow will include naptime. I love naps.
  • It is night night time now.
  • I am having such a late Kiwi day. Today: class, print, pass in, meditation, lgbtq gathering (maybe), home, room clean, nap, work, coolness.
  • I have a pleasant amount of lj-readage to get back to when my priorities are done. This makes me a happy Kwiibird. Downstairs now...awwr.
  • I have printed out my cats assessment, no more touching. I'm aiming for a 70 and I think I'll get it. Yay! :)
  • I was a naughty girl at the library today. Bad girl. Off to hand in assessment and go early to Meditation Society. Need to clear mind...
  • "I'm taking a shower. If the man comes, let him in." Ki: "What, into the shower?" "Don't let the Chinese man into my shower!"
  • "Hahah! Your shell is powerless against my banana once again!" Why does all of Mario Kart sound like innuendo?
  • "NO SHE'S COMING FIRST! BLUE SHELL! BLUE SHELL!" That just makes me crack up endlessly.
  • My stomach hates me right now. Ouchies everywhere. Tired. Catch up, sleep. Today was a nice but useless day.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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