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26 October 2009 @ 10:01 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • "Please tell your arse to stop distracting me, I'm trying to read." I love you, Trinity. And you're a smarmy bastard. Giggles.
  • Wow new subscription. Win. :) Things are happy. I should go to sleep. No, look up where a bike place is...
  • I got a comment on one of my Youtube videos. And I'm making a new friend. This makes me happy. :) :D 83
  • It has come to my attention today that I have the coolest people in my life. This is not debatable, merely Truth. I love my cool Life People
  • Alright. Things are cleaned up and ready for tomorrow, all save me. Time for some meditation, then back, then journaling, reading and sleep.
  • Couldn't clear my Mind today and was more distracted than usual, but I feel more tranquil now regardless. The turmoil has calmed. Yay! :)
  • It's strange reading a secret on fandomsecret that I'm positive someone in one of my fandoms/communities wrote, given they're small. Whoa.
  • Mary's doing an all-nighter tonight. D: Poor dear. I so very much miss having her nextdoor to do all-nighters with to scratch on our wall.
  • Okay it's night night time for the Kiwimeister. I'm tired. Campus tomorrow for a seminar too. I've never had a seminar. I don't feel nervous.
  • (That's strange. I'm always a nervous narwhal with new school things. Perhaps I'm too tired for nerves. Or peaced out. That'd be great. :P)
  • It sort of delights me that I'm following people overjoyed with Yankees going to the World Series. I am so not a Baseball Head. Er...Sox? No.
  • I am too tired. Waking up this time on a Monday is ridiculous. I do not approve, not for genetic cats or seminars. I want to be sleeping.
  • Hmm. Well. Sighs. Looks as though it's finally my time to go downstairs, eat brekky and head out. Waited later than usual. Nap time yet?
  • It is nearly naptime. This excites me. I have arm-warmers and leg-warmers that will keep me toasty in the winter. My life is joy.
  • I am SO much happier living without concepts of Destiny and a Life Purpose--sod the lot! I'm a vessel of DNA! I'm frakking free! Go me! :D
  • No, Gmail, merly_edan is not on my "tasks to do." Please stop adding people to my tasks! I'm busy enough as is, thank you!
  • My friend is a sweetheart and just put one of my videos under the musicmonday hash. Awwwr. Blushes fiercely. Dunno what to do with me! :P
  • I am currently mourning geocities and procrastinating on my life/taking a shower. Well. Procrastination is my life. Whatever!
  • Alright! Enough procrastination.. If I'm good tonight I may let myself do a video or something. That would be great fun. I've got pictures!
  • bit.ly/DjmSo I love my new desktop/youtube channel background--what do you think?! Lemme know what you think! :D
  • I just procrastinated by standing in the corridor in a towel chatting to Lyshia for a very long time. Good use of time. Now to do stuff.
  • I am going downstairs. I am going to cook and do some work on cats. I am making these statements so I do these things. I will. I must!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!