Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Mrrrgrrggle. Tired.

Had an uneasy feeling this morning while I studied for the envitech test/quiz. Finished, saw Mrs. Cavanagh, somehow blurted out about uneasy feelings. She hugged me and tried to offer suggestions. Smiled, thanked her, walked away. Floral arrangements in horticulture. Did all right. Nothing to write home about. Test in envitech was ridiculous. Sub. Lots of stuff on the test we hadn't learned. Think I managed to do all right. Forestry same as ever, with added horror chainsaw stories.

Dropped flower arrangement in envitech. Talking in hers, stupid sheet I won't do for homework. More grammar in english. Lunch, Fia came over and talked to me. Didn't eat much. She talked about sex and Spongebob. Marvelled at random combination and continued feeling uneasy but slightly amused.

Work in algebra, get what we're doing. Made Mrs. Brown laugh. Enjoyed that. Silent working time in chemistry. Mrs. Cavanagh checked on me about my ear/jaw when I kept moving it around/massaging it. Dropped my arrangement, tried to pick it up, then had binder fall on it. Decided to throw it out. Mrs. Cavanagh had other plans, and kept it. She smiled, I smiled. Went back to work. Left with melancholy smile.

Cried on busride home. Didn't really know what was upsetting me. Knew one thing was that I feel pretty ignored by my friends.

Saw therapist. Talked. Went by fast. Lots of talk about pre and post Slide Tackle/"The Accident". Sports, anger, social anxiety, Day of Silence... stuff. Enjoyed it.

Came home, Coming of Age stuff. Made list of what to do. Finished some stuff. Called Ann, got things checked off. Listened to credo, typed it up, sent it to her. Now like my voice. When'd that happen? It's actually spiffy, now. Amazed.

Homework and sleep time. Goodnight.

(I still love you.)
Sorry for lack of subjects; Kiwi tired.
Tags: mrs. cavanagh

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