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22 October 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • It is very clear to me right now that I do not have the clearest grasp on the group experiment that we will be doing.
  • That would certainly explain the difficulty in writing up an idea sheet for designing the experiment. Augh I don't knowww.
  • Thank heavens this isn't marked for an actual grade. I can just get a mark back telling me I'm stupid about experimental science.
  • Rawr. Well, poo on you! Giggles. I always preferred inductive reasoning/observational science anyway. I fail at designing experiments!
  • Shite. I may or may not have just broken incredibly at Molly's away message. It definitely didn't make sense. life doesn't make sense.
  • ScIENCE WHUT HAIVE YUU DUN TU MAI MIIIIND? You foul creature, you terrible siren to draw me in and corrupt me! I am broken! You broke me!
  • Alyson Hannigan, Sarah Shahi and Brooke Smith all make EW's "Most Underrated Actresses" List alturl.com/es6a
  • Go you, Brooke Smith! Getting some recognition! And Alyson Hannigan, too, of course. :) Now to actually take a peek.
  • Katee Sackhoff, true story, yes yes! Sara Ramirez an honorary mention, laughter, agreed. Definitely not much diversity! Back to work.
  • I had so much fun with this: . bit.ly/3BPIUc. A lot of them made me smile. My year book pics aren't too bad. Save soph. year. Ick.
  • Also, I almost bought cheap heeled shoes today. That is bad. A) spending money B) Shoes (WTF?) C) Heeled. All in all: BAD COMBINATION, yes.
  • It also explains why having a Charity shop on the way to my house is dangerous. 99p rack. 59p CDs. Bad combo! And a LIBRARY! I'm doomed.
  • Tinboy made me hot chocolate. Yay! Weak, so I added sugar. Now I will continue working. Birds and their eating habits...naps make me hyper.
  • I think I just made an analogy in which I am a fish. Yes, I did. I feel like a fish. Clearly need to be done working. But so flabbergasted.
  • Yes, that is my mood, that is my mood exactly. I AM A CRAZED CROW! Ca-caaw. Ca-caaw. I'm in caca, yaya, ca-caaw! Flaps about endlessly.
  • Oh my goodness I shouldn't even email this in to Simon on Friday. Who cares that it's not truly marked, this is rubbish.
  • s'alright though. Jojobird can help me tomorrow or something. :P I'll keep reading journal articles tomorrow night. Maybe. Who knows.
  • It's night-night now. Outfit out, had a beautiful goodnight song from Sam, excited for tomorrow, ecstatic elephant here. Night!
  • bit.ly/1HtjK8 This video on Lab Safety made my life. So very very much. I feel it should be shown in university. :P
  • Alright. I feel like I've had a good resting nap. Time to wake up, enjoy some brekky, walk to uni, twig Stats & His/Phil...then JOJO TIME!:D
  • I am off to Jojo's house for the night. Packing my laptop for work this evening. I need to be productive sorta.
  • Also, doing this report will slay me. I hate Hardy-Weinberg and this makes no sense to me. Jojo is beginning. I'm still doing cats.
  • Genotyping cats aaaugh. This practical was run ridiculous rhino. I am an angry anteater and I can't deal with my science life.
  • "You are a silly sparrow." "I am a silly sparrow. And a ridiculous rhino. And angry anteater." "Thought you were gonna say angry anus." WTF.
  • I am so sick of freaking cats right now. Sent the instructor an email with a few questions. Time to take a break/prepare for tea. Hungry!
  • I am back to cats. It is just counting right now. It will be unfun soon. AMAZING tea with Jojo's family. ♥ Watching Dinosaurs (TV).
  • Jaykay we are watching Disney's Hercules. Giggles. This will be exciting. I can't believe it's only half 8.
  • According to Jojo, I am the woodnymph in Hercules who slapped the faun-thing. And I am dating the flower nymph. I approve of this situation.
  • I am in clearly no place to run my life. But I'm trying. Starting with felines. They're all sorted. Now time for the maths. Gulps.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
lash_laruelash_larue on October 22nd, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
Re: genotyping cats... Elmo trumps everything. All else is clutter.

Who is the flower nymph? I pry shamelessly and relentlessly.

Yes, heels are bad. That does not mean that tou would not look good in them. Therein lies the subtle evil of heels.

I have a niece whom I wish knew you. And wasn't straight. Srsly, the kid is straight... dammit. But she is so beautiful inside and out that I cry every now and again, just from joy. (Of course, I also wish that I was younger, a dude, and unrelated, but I wish for a lot of things)

Best, Kiwi.
Kiwi Crocus: GA's || Calzone || Benching it.cranky__crocus on October 24th, 2009 02:12 pm (UTC)
The nymphs were just in the film for two seconds as the faun-guy-person was perving on them. The flower nymph turned into flowers so he couldn't have her and the wood nymph turned into a tree and slapped him.

Some day I may end up with at least one pair of heeled boots. Not many would complain--I am short, after all, and that is mostly the reasoning for heels.

That is beautiful. I'm sure your niece is wonderful, and I'm sure regardless of our differing sexualities we would get along. :)