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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • People are either loving or hating the Mass snow/rain. Laughs and smile. I miss Mass snow. Can't wait to be around it this wintertime. ♥
  • I miss the days of getting in touch with people by phone. I sorely miss conversations like that. No one contacts me on Skype. It be sad.
  • I am a tired turtle. However, I am determined to be awake and doing this hist./phil. of sci. notes about fascinating Scientific Revolution.
  • I am also a content creature even as I am a tired turtle. Very content. Life is colourful and shiny, peaceful and super. Joy!
  • If I were like Galileo my name would be Kiwi Kiwe. One vowel up for the last vowel of the name. :P More effective for him I'd imagine.
  • It is almost ridiculous how happy I feel right now, thinking about winter and receiving a Winter Song from a friend. Joy, super, awesome.
  • I clearly need to stop being a silly sparrow and get my tired turtle bum to sleep. Already in bed, after all. Night night, my loves!
  • I do not want to go to lecture tomorrow because it will be scary group project work and I am a nervous narwhal. Field trip. Group. Project.
  • Lulz. I just got called by the doctor's office to see if I had cancelled my appointment, because someone called but didn't leave a name.
  • Getting dressed and heading downstairs. Batgirl's doing her hair so she'll bleach part of my fringe. Yaaay.
  • That was a slightly ridiculous trip/doctor's appointment. Now in the library. Internet catchup, work and leave.
  • Apparently there is a car out there that puts out scents and changes inner colour to wake up or calm down drivers. Whoa, strange technology!
  • There is also a SCUBA-diving car. This stuff is ridiculous and pretty entertaining. A folding car too. Ahhh!
  • Chocolate needs to make my life better right now. Not that it's bad, chocolate is just good for General Betterment. And I'm thinking of Ash.
  • Matt: "It's insane, it doesn't make sense, he makes it up!" Kiwi: "That's university: half wit and half shit; you have to sort it out."
  • More than halfway done with my sonnet about strawberries for whedonland. It is easy to be my own Kaylee. :P

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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