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10 October 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • twitpic.com/kvvr4 - This is my new hat. It is amazing. From Pip. It has a Pony Pouch, or a Tail Tube. I love it so much.
  • Also, note from that picture that I have the dorkiest smile you will ever witness in your life. :P I exude the essence of dork in my life. ♥
  • I am going to get into She & Him. I really am. I really really am.
  • I really, like, do not take this hat off. It just stays on and on and on. I love this hat so very very much. It is filled with Pip love.
  • This week's Private Practice was a major downer. Thank goodness for Charlotte. Glee and Dollhouse tomorrow though, so that's full of yay.
  • I just accidentally wrote a song. What is it about 2 a.m. that means Kiwi lets loose a song?
  • I have come to the conclusion with Sam's help that my song writing is made up of happy accidents. All is clear now! :B
  • Alright! It is time for piddle and BED! Zonk time! I am so terrible at going to sleep! It'll be an afternoon trip them. Arg I'm bad.
  • I hate being on hold when I know it's costing me money. lasjdflaskj I hate pay-as-you phones! Oh flying fudge I'm on hold again! FMLLLLL!
  • £8 left on my credit. Okay, that's not TERRIBLE, I can deal with that. I didn't lose much during the call. Yay. :P
  • Okay, I have online banking sorted so I should be able to do all this now without going in to the bank.
  • My brother arrived at random and now he is off with Jujubean and Morten and people playing pool at a pub. I'm watching Glee. Excellent life.
  • I hate Megavideo. And I'm a selfish person who doesn't like having couples kissing all over the place, to end sentences and the like.
  • I drive myself crazy. So. I'm shutting off my Mind for the present! Goodbye, thoughts! Hello, inner peace and tranquility! Serenityyy.
  • Awwwr, Glee made me smile. Dufault was totally right in making me watch this. The lovely old git. Miss that man! :)

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!