Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • -Slams knee on desk.- "Oww! Fuck! Grr!" -Slams head on keyboard.- -Brother laughs and quotes.- And then I did it again. I fail at sitting.
  • My house smells like brussel sprouts. I do not approve. However, I will still eat them.
  • I'm reading through the last paper I wrote in high school. I directly insulted the most annoying girl in school. I'm proud of high-school me.
  • My grandfather fell down the stairs and hurt himself. ='C Hearing stuff like that scares me.
  • "The tedium of their descent was almost more disparaging than the horrendous and probable disaster of the looming impact." Ah, HS me. :D
  • Laughter, 3,000 words total used on my vocab. for senior year English alone. Wonder how many words I used total for assignments in HS.
  • I am watching Tim Minchin instead of paying attention to my life. This feels right.
  • Tim Minchin is in Reading the 4th and 5th of October, day before and first day of uni...I want to go so bad...I need 20 quid, AAAAGH!
  • NOOOO Mary from Peter, Paul and Mary!!! Aaaack my heart is bleeding! Cries. No no no! More tears.
  • I just got really confused as to why Donnie Darko looked like a production set, and realised I was watching Disk 2. Life!fail, Kiwi.
  • I'm beginning to wonder if it's wise to be watching Donnie Darko alone at night. Yay somnambulism? I fail at stuff.
  • Sometimes when I look at peoples' faces, the beauty makes me cry. Is that a strange occurrence?
  • Finished the dog outline for the quilt. Going to try a giraffe, but if it fails for too long I'll give up.
  • I finished the giraffe. My grandmother is going to wonder why I picked such random animals. I'll be eating lunch with her in 12 hours.
  • I'm in that tired shivery place in which everything feels extraordinarily strange. And I'm trying to draw a camel. My life feels odd.
  • Just finished drawing a llama instead of a camel, from the request of a friend. Life feels surreal. There's too much coming.
  • Finished the unicorn. These are shite, but my grandmother probably won't care. Wonder if I should try to go to sleep now and then wake up.
  • I think that will fail, though, so for right now I'm best off with staying up 'til I'm done slash 'til 5 and then sleeping 'til 1. Hmm.
  • Took a break for some Mary McDonnell (she's my actress of the month, it seems) and finished the snail. Onto the tortoise.
  • Finished the tortoise. I'll see if I end up doing a penguin and a fish now. Hohum. Then sleep without fear, me hope.
  • Penguin done. Now contemplate fish. Shall I do a fish. Hmm. I wonder how I will work this out.
  • Searching "penguin outline" on google had one of the first pictures a penguin nut-hugger on a guy. Interesting. Clicks away.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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