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I'm thinking of things I have to do. As I watch Donnie Darko at 12.30.

1) Draw a bunch of animals by tomorrow to give to Grammie for her quilt. (Cat, Dog, Giraffe, Camel, Unicorn, Elephant, Wolf, Snail, Horse, Tortoise, Penguin, Dragon, Fish, I don't know, random animals.)
2) Clean my upstairs room for Cathy, by tomorrow night.
3) Go to lunch (Chinese) with Grammie tomorrow afternoon at 2.
4) Sort out how to get to Pam's house, sort the time to leave, leave tomorrow evening.
5) Figure out if I'm sleeping over Dana's house, figure out where she lives, etc.
6) Come home and leave for Smith.
7) Write the fanfic for the 20th somehow--think of a prompt, something.
8) Do my laundry.
9) Email Duffie.
10) Write marriage fanfic for team Firefly.

And loads of stuff I'm definitely forgetting. I need to go back to keeping a TDL. Time feels as though it's going quickly.

Mary McDonnell's face keeps me sane. How does that one work out?

Back to drawing animals.
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