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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Idea: Shower. Put in Tilda Swinton film. Read Out magazine. Go through inbox. Contemplate cleaning. Be cool.
  • I think this is the worst film I've ever seen. Can't believe Tilda Swinton is the main character. Lulz.
  • I'm watching the first Harry Potter film now to wipe the film Julia from my mind. :P What a terrible film.
  • I'm going to spell happy birthday the way Hagrid does from now on. "Happee birthday."
  • I love watching Harry Potter films and multi-tasking. It's ridiculous that I know most lines to all of the films out on DVD.
  • Also, I think for Halloween I'm going to buy Quidditch Goggles and just figure out a costume. Maybe McGongall hat or something.
  • I am lulzing at the computer animation of the Quidditch playing in the first film. Hardcore giggles. And McGonagall's tartan hat. <3
  • My laptop is resting half on my lap and half on my pug. What a strange set-up. Finised another epi of Private Practice, yaaay.
  • I think my dog is humping something in his dream and he's on my he's barking in his sleep. Lulz@sleeptalking pugs.
  • It's now half four in the morning and I once again feel like a useless human being. I guess that means it's time to go to sleep.
  • I am awake. Got only 8 hours of sleep today which is good, instead of over sleeping. I will stay awake. I will.
  • I can tell it's September because I'm chilly. Yay chilly. It feels so much better than being hot. And I could make hot choc if I wanted!
  • My mother is having a hot dog mess over a literal hot dog mess. And a chair. And something wooden and physicsy? My family perplexes me.
  • My mother informs me that I have to clean my upstairs room. Well poop. It's true, but ick. I will need...loud music!
  • What if God had a God who had a Mother who was screaming, "God, take out the trash! Take out the damn Dog! Named it after you backwards..."
  • Why the heck are all these random people keep friending me on Facebook? It is not appreciated.
  • My room is a moth graveyard. D: I slept with three dead moths last night.What I get for sleeping in my "office."

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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