Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


Today I met up with Mrs. Smith from Geometry 9th grade! It was great fun. Went early to Panera, joked with one of the women nearby who was getting all sorts of free stuff for completing a survey for them. Wrote fanfic. Was offered free drinks and the like when the man thought my friend might not come. Thought I was from London.

Mrs. Smith came and had a call from both of her children. We joked and ordered food. Waited. Thoroughly appreciated our food. I have a new favourite meal.

Discussed old high school friends of mine (how everyone was doing), her daughter and the bordering friends who were friends with me as well, the Aggie, etc. She told me some great stories about Cooper (the time that she tried to join in with origami for the last day of school but was absolutely hopeless so she just made a pirate hat until everyone joined in with that and they went to lunch in pirate hats).

When we were parting and we went to hug I said, "I don't know how huggy you are, but if you could pass on a hug for Cavcreature as well?" and she was so soothing as she said, "Oh, Cavcreature, oh, Kiwi, I know..." and I explained in a stumbling attempt about why I had to call to leave Cavinator a message and hear the voice mail and how it just had to be voices because I'm afraid of text. She nodded and understood and continued supporting me with simple utterances. I don't remember the last thing she said about it but I got teary and said, "I may need another hug for that one," and she gave me another bigger hug.

I went outside but wasn't ready to leave yet so I grabbed my book and hopped on the back of my car. Read and enjoyed the sun, the view with sunglasses. People joked with me. Smith came out with the food for her family and inquired, "Soaking up the rays?" I smiled and agreed. She drove close by and said, "Don't you fall off now." I promised I wouldn't. She added, "Love you!" and drove off when I replied the same. It was beautiful.

Finished my chapter and drove home. Family in the room watching television. Phone convo with Shaya. Good day.
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