Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

I was an uber mess coming home from joyitude's today which was kind of bad since I felt it put a negative end to a positive experience, but I also wasn't surprised the moment I opened my email to find an email from the capitol (that won't make sense to anyone).

I screamed loud music and had (silent, not sobbing) tears home, then took a pit stop to the soccer/football fields. Not only was it Wrentham Day, which reminded me of all my prior years in Wrentham and a close one with a stop for Snoopy, but my old parking spot was blocked off so I had to go to the lot across the street which reminded me of all my years at Cracker Barrel Fair and also made me feel far away from my football past.

It all made me feel like a mess, just feeling it all--the being here, and the memories, and the not being There and lots of other stuff. So I let myself just scream it out. I had a super quick chat with zapthatmonster. I kept scrolling. I got to the emailer's name and I got a strange feeling in my stomach. I got the urge to call and leave a thank you for at least being gentle. I called, was comforted by actually hearing a VOICE in the message, and left a thank you message. I felt immediately better.

Came home, went to the film District 9 with my family and I didn't like it so Mum said Julie & Julia (right order?) was playing next door in a few minutes. Mum, Da and I went in and watched it, Dweeb went home and picked us up when it was done. I enjoyed it a lot.

Some food and home. Internet. Started a film. Have to read the children's story tonight because I'm in it tomorrow as the hermit crab. Have to be there by 9.30. Then off to the grandparent's for Grandparents Day. then I get to be home.

I also have a crazy lesbian from a dating site up on my case. She's decided that I love partying, getting naked, kissing strangers and having sex with my friends. Then she demands *I* block and delete *her* because we don't get along because she was wanted to see a pic. of me in a bra, I declined, she apologised and then got angry because apparently I'm a hypocrite, yet her profile goes on and on about seeing inner beauty and not being shallow, and she was the one who was sending me pics. of underwear shots in a first conversation.

You know what I so need? More crazy lesbians in my life. Oh yeah, totally.

I'm reading my children's story (because I'm a crazy naked party kiss-slut easy girl who loves to go to church on Sunday's and participate in the children's hour, obviously) and go to bed.

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