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Rocky Horror

I am so broken right now. Like I don't even know how to convey it. I would need...I don't even know. Interpretive dance.

I was crazy coming here. I just kept repeating, "I can do it" and then "We can do it" and then "Apparently I'm a gathering of people." And then I said (all out loud) "I need to be Zen, think Zen thoughts. Like koans. What is the sound of one hand clapping?" and then I said, "What is the sound of one car crashing?" and I told myself that wasn't helping and I was sort of a mess especially because Ashley picked up the phone when I really needed it to be Cabbit but it wasn't.

But I got here and I emptied my bladder and so the world was good. And things continued to be good. And then Molly broke me with a video hard-core. The thought of it still sort of cracks me. So we were generally crazy and then we had moments and we headed off.

There was crazyness before the show, like my legwarmer coming off as I ran with Ashley back to Cabbit with my ID. And my being generally broken. I knew all the limericks in the pre-show. I went up with the group of Virgins and we had to do a posing thing so I unzipped my dress ("The Girls" always end up coming out) a bit because it was encouraged, and I went on to the next round. I then posed with another girl who had gone on. Apparently I was a fave but they picked random people. Then I had to blow a balloon so someone could pop it between my legs. I'm good at blowing balloons, so while people were complaining about not being able to blow the balloon mine was huge. And I put it between my legs. And the guy was like, "Wow, you're huge" and laughed admiringly. Then he popped it with his teeth and I danced. It was very epic. I also had to hip-thrust someone in a line and she was WAY taller than me and in a tu-tu, so I had a little "hop-thrust-land" routine that people apparently loved.

The show was amazing. I knew most of what had to be done just from knowing so many Rocky Horror people in my life and from having the Internet. I think Cassia may have been impressed. There was ample boob-age.

Also, both Rocky and Frank were played by attractive girls instead, so there was that and the pseudo!lesbian Magenta/Columbia scene going on at the same time, and so it was basically two lesbian couples on stage at one time. It was pretty hilariously epic.

Then I went crazy and we went to IHOP. Cabbit and I shared pancakes that blew my mind. OJ/Obvious Jesse was around and it was amusing, and eventually he gave Cabbit the Queen of Hearts by putting it in her shirt. I was further bent but people were amused by it and my colour and I gay!hugged Albie (sp) which apparently made Cabbit's night. I don't even know. It was amazing being around some of the cast. I got along well with Jesse. He couldn't undue my bra. I put a spoon in my hair and forgot and now it's in my bag. Ashley put strawberry sauce in my water and it tasted good. I joked with a lot of people.

Now we have driven back and Cabbit's life is a hot dog mess and a lot of stuff is a hot dog mess and I haven't even seen that video but Cabbit says it so often that it just comes out of my fingers when she's hovering over me. :P

Anyway, tonight was amazing, and I wish I had a few pictures. At least of my upstage being an AWESOME virgin, like SUPER awesome! :B Also totally modest, right? My brain is so fried. I am just...not here. So broken and zoney and GONE in an amazing way.

Quote of my evening: Cabbit--"Look what I got a picture of." Kiwi--"Ohmygods, they beheaded Woody. ... ... That just sounds so wrong." There was a Woody (from Toystory) cup on the table on stage. It made us lulz.

So it's half six in the morning and obviously I stayed over and things are Whoa. I'm sorry. Sometimes in my life I am articulate. Other times? Not so much. We'll put a tick in the "other" box for tonight.

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