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Today will soon be gone.

Woke up after lots of snooze button-ing. Evil button. I should duct tape it down so I don't use it any more. Made the bus. Very good mood. Went to plant guide's meeting. Natural Resource people were at the Wolf place with the Conservation club (and Mr. Lee). I want to be in it, but it meets when GSA does. I already made my commitments...

Organized plants. I was pretty bad, but I did find a good place for one tree-like plant. Watson told me I put it where she would have, and I was very proud. Beyond that, the plants defeated me. Doing admissions tomorrow and I get to see Matty P. Read during study. Ate during forestry. Mertz made jokes about lesbians, gym teachers, and mullets, but it was playful and a nice environment so I played along. He's a good guy. Sub in envitech.

Left Steele a cute note that she loved. Cuoulette for a sub in english. Hung out with Kleppy, Makuchan, and Andi. Told Makuchan about my crush, as I'd already told Kleppy. Oh. Told Kleppy, Makuchan, and Beth during breakfast how I used to have a crush on Kleppy. Kleppy asked when. I told her when I first was friends with her, when she read constantly and was very quiet. She replied, "So when you didn't really know me?" We laughed.

Lunch was fun. Lots of harassing the boys/Kleppy and Makuchan's sons. Well, mine too, but I don't like to admit them. Bloody suns. -Cackles.- Complimented blue-haired-girl's lip ring. I want to know her name. I'll ask tomorrow, if I remember.

MCAS work in algebra. Brown got interested in 1 Teacher in 10 when she read the title, and read the book for 15 minutes while we were doing our work. It saved Kleppy from being caught without her MCAS book. Cavanagh interested in book in chem. Wants to borrow it first. This makes me so incredibly happy. I want to buy a few more coppies and donate them to the staff rooms.

Lovely bus ride. Time home alone and online. Typed up big, long response about how much comments involving minorities and things I care about in general being used in a derrogatory way. I liked it. Tarrin liked it and gave me nice compliments that made me very happy. (♥. Thanks!) Did quick homework but not Lag, wrote imagijournal entry, and came here to type up an entry.

Off I go to read more from my book so I can borrow it out for vacation.

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