Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • I am back from the water park. My ears are still sorta ringing, but at least I'm no longer soggy. I am joyous! It was super! Yaaay!
  • No one really needs to know this, but I'm going to go clean my ears. Water park + chlorine + many people + my ears = neeeed to clean.
  • My ears are clean. However, I just fell down the stairs. Clearly I am epic at this 'moving' thing. Rubs elbow.
  • I blame it on how many stairs there were at the park. I spent half the time walking up stairs. I never want to see stairs agaaaaiiinnnnn!
  • Dinnertime with the families and then back to the sillyfest! And then more Internet. And then maybe writing a song about the waterpark!
  • Someone just asked to be my friend on myspace. ...that place still exists?
  • I just ate aspagrass (asparagus) and marshed taters (mashed potatoes) with catch up (ketchup) and mussed turd (mustard). Strange girl.
  • Also, this? Made my life. So you Kiwi followers should watch it, because it is funny and silly and great!
  • I just played the Banana Phone video to Merf and we squeed and fangirled all over it. Which, let's be honest, is better than summer reading!
  • From afar I just mistook Rocky Horror (there's a light...) for Joan Baez. I am clearly a terrible person. Or I stabbed out my hearing bones.
  • Merf just asked a very sensible question. "Why are you singing Christmas songs?" The follow up was sensible too. "I might hurt you."
  • Uhoh guys. I have a chorus to a song about the waterpark. And it's really silly. This could be a plunge into madness, folks.
  • So my legs are mush and I have a sore tush from pushing my way up the stairs. I ate to many fries and got chlorine in my eyes...
  • my surprise it really washed away my cares. || That's it for now, folks! :D
  • Cool! I've got the draft of the song done. I'm kind of pleased with this super silly song about a day at the water park.
  • -Kiwi shudders and makes strange noises when a pingpong ball attacks her.- Brad: "You sing like Yoko Ono!" My life, clearly.
  • I have just taught Merf how to Internet Window Shop. It's called ebay search by price. It also makes one drool and feel broke and envious.
  • I finished the song! Merf and I have been performing it and giggling madly. Mother compared it to Kimya Dawson! Epic freaking win!
  • I love my little purple cheapy ukulele. And someday I'll buy a good one when I feel I'm good enough, but it doesn't stop me from loving mine
  • One fish...two fish. With those words of wisdom, I am going to sleep. Tomorrow will be silly. Because I am me.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!

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