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[. Falcon Ridge .]

I am making myself post on Falcon Ridge before I forget about it all.

Thursday: Woke up at the arse-crack of dawn's awakening and had Mum drive me to Arah's. Made her and her boyfriend Kylie laugh a lot. Danced around because I'm raving mad, even at the arse-crack of dawn when I should be a dead-and-re-undead zombie.

I went to the meeting and listened to useless stuff. Was taken around on a roam and realised I wouldn't do that job, too much useless walking, and I'm an old lady! I took my shift with the kids. I met Tee and we cut up animal pictures for two whole hours, until we wanted to amputate ourselves at the shoulder. We met a few others. I sat at the campsite with Ann and Jake and Meg and Sue, and it was lovely.

I visited Arah in the Med Tent 'cause she was working the night shift.

Friday: I woke up for my shift. Food Service. I got to work with Lynn as a supervisor, Tee as a pal and a few others who joined in. We had a grand time. I rescued us by staying in the cooler the longest to find the Pita wraps, 'cause I had the sweatshirt under my volunteer shirt. Hung around with Arah and Kylie or something until my shift at the Troll Bridge, which is just sitting there checking people's bands as they come in. I read and did it with Tee. Sighed up for my shifts the next day.

I hung in the med tent again. We went for meals and such at different times. Went to the vending tents occasionally. I hung in the med tent and was prepared to see the song swap I wanted to on the main stage when someone ran in and said that we were having a storm. Everyone ran back to their tents but me, Arah and Kylie were stuck in the med tent with the others. I met Jesse and his girlfriend. We all played uke and he got his guitar, Arah had her clarinet and it was just the perfect scene for people at a folk festival caught in a storm. We played away, singing and everything. At last we headed back to camp and I crashed out.

Saturday: Woke up early and went to Troll Bridge. Sat around being tired but had a nice time and met Becky. We chatted about books and one at a time got breakfast. Then I went straight off to children. Swept up puddles, sat at the painting table and was on "water duty" carrying around water for everyone 'cause it was sunny and too hot. One girl at the painting table was using the spinner and she would paint the spin-plate all in purple, spin it, and then keep putting a bit more painting on it each time until the plate was so thin and wet it folded in on itself.

Hung around for a bit. Watched Girlyman with Kim & Reggie Harris and the Magpies and few others at the Living Planet workshop. It was wonderful. Bought a shoulder bag for my ukulele and didn't let it leave my presence. Although that was probably Friday instead, laughter, I'm already losing pieces of this and the order. The workshop was Friday too probably. I hung around on Saturday and could HEAR them playing another workshop but I hung out with Kylie and Arah and her friend from Rowe, Cal. Then I left to go to main stage to watch Janis Ian and then Girlman.

I was ruffled and cross because they were the ones I were REALLY looking forward to, and I wanted to share it with Arah. But she said, "I'm not really the sort of person who goes to main stage, it's not my thing..." and I was just thinking, 'THIS IS A FRIENDSHIP! Have you ever heard of a thing called 'compromise?' It being the reason that I spend much of my time here following you around and hanging around in the med tend, because YOU enjoy it and I appreciate and enjoy it more because YOU do? Compromise! A beautiful thing!' But she doesn't get stuff like that so I just shrugged and said find, a bit tetchy, and found a seat front row next to a kind woman. I held her seat as she went off to the loo.

Janis Ian was amazing. For such a short-stature person, she really takes command of the stage without effort. She played Jesse and Society's Child and a funny song about gay marriage and gave a story of her partner. It was great. There was a technical difficulty as the generator had to be turned off for a while, but she had great humour about it and kept her sense of humour. I took out my uke during the break and played quietly to myself. The woman next to me raved about me and told me that I should 'do my thing' and how one I was with my instrument, and we exchanged stories. She told me Janis was her generation and her inspiration, I told her Janis was my inspiration too--that the next ban, Girlyman, was my generation and my inspiration.

Arah called at some point during Janis performance and I ignored it a few times. She kept calling. I picked up and said, "What? I'm centre first row." "I'm just calling to say I'm tired, you know, so I'm going to go back to the tent, 'cause, yeah..." "Fine, alright, enjoy, goodbye." I hung up, took a deep breath and went right back to watching Janis.

Girlyman came on and it was beautiful. I cried when they played "Everything's Easy" because it's about finding joy in bad times, and the reason I was able to go to Falcon Ridge was 'cause I couldn't find a job, and everyone in my house was unemployed anyway, yet I was having such a beautiful experience. I decided to write them a thank-you note. I listened and left after Girlyman finished--and as usual, they were a laugh, really got involved with the audience as any good band or comedian has to. ("I know I can't talk about the weather or you'll shhhh me again." "We have such a shh-y crowd." "Oh, we got a ululation at the third song!") The supervisor of the Teen Team was there and we chatted. I went back to camp, realised I had lost my flashlight at Main Stage and wrote my note by mobile phone light. Read and hit the hay.

Sunday: Woke up for Troll Bridge again. Did it with a taciturn boy but all was good and we had a nice time. Hung around. Eventually bought the Girlyman CD. Went and had them sign the back of my ukulele and the CD. Gave the note. We joked a bit but unfortunately I was at the beginning of the line instead of the end, so it was more hurried. Still nice.

What is unordered/I missed: I saw a new band for the first time. Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams. OH MY GODS they are amazing! And I have a huge crush on the woman Tink! Ohhh they were in the Living Planet workshop, right! And Joziah was like, "Well, there's this song we really don't want to do, but Tink wants us to do it, I have no idea why. And since this is an earth workshop and the earth is feminine, we'll channel that feminine energy and go with Tink, even though we have no idea well." 'cause she's Tinkerbelle. And the song was frakking fantastic. And I am a huge fan for life. So later after I saw them on Main Stage and they were signing, I hurried over and asked, "Do you sign ukuleles?"

Joziah was like, "Of course of course! I'll have to make it all neat because I'm signing a ukulele!" and he started singing Ukulele Lady and then Tink was like, oh, play it! So he asked me for the uke's key (I flushed and almost forgot, then murmured C) and he played some of it on my uke! It was amazing. And then Tink was like, "Oh, can I sign, can I sign?!" and did hers all neat. The next one drew his name with a fish, and then he said, "It's one big fish!" He's Sharky. Then we went on to the tambourine guy and he drew an octopus because he was drawing something and then Arah said it looked like an octopus. So that was freaking fantastic amazingness.

I bought a beautiful, cheap, used sweater-coat that's like a wonderful green sweater trenchcoat on me. Sue thought it was lovely. The foods we had were good for the most part.

OH! AND AMY SPEACE! Before Girlyman, I was just hanging around in the med tent with Arah and Kylie and I noticed Amy Speace outside chatting. So I asked around for a Sharpie but nobody had one. Then one of the nice ladies volunteering in med came and excitedly demand I sign up to volunteer in med next year because I would be perfect and they all loved me (I had chatted and charmed most of them). I told her I didn't have the certs and she said I could get them easily, do the First Aid and the CPR, quick fix, I needed to come back next year, all excitement and hope. I jumped from foot to foot as I waited for the man in front of me to finish signing the book and then I scribbled my information down. I was flattered to be asked and persuaded, but it sure was an inconvenient time! At Arah's suggestion I ran to the merchandise tent and borrowed a red Sharpie since it was all they had.

I jogged to Amy Speace and shyly asked, " you sign ukuleles?" She happily turned and said yes, it was requested more than one would guess! As she was signing she asked, "Do you play?" I replied immediately, "Not well." She asked kindly if I would play her a song. I flushed and my heart stopped while my blood somehow pounded. I stuttered, "It would...kill me. Ask me in a year." She laughed and said in a year, at Falcon Ridge? I mentioned she'd probably see me at Circle of Friends before then because I volunteer when I can. We got on to talking about that and Jake and coffee houses. I thanked her and skipped off to wait for Girlyman.

I spent a lot of time with Kylie talking about Arah because she's gone from distant to open to distant again. I'm used to her. She's a sweetheart and I love her, but she's clueless and doesn't compromise. She's one of the most frustrating people I know but somehow I love her all the more for it--she doesn't KNOW she's doing all this stuff, it's just how she is. She hasn't matured in many of the ways other people have at her age, and sometimes I wonder if it's just going to be her nature, to be a loveable space cadet when it comes to dealing with people and relationships. Kylie and I had to get out a few rants, him more than I, because he had been invited to come and had come on the pretext that he would be spending a lot of time with Arah, but she was completely distant and basically just wanted him to sit around watching her as she talked with other people, since she kept requesting to have him around but then not be with him. He told me that he had thought I was upset the Saturday night, and that he had been urging her to go to main stage because it was important to me, but we both agreed she just doesn't comprehend a lot of stuff like that. We adjusted our schedules for her a lot because it would make her happy, and she was, but she doesn't adjust. It gets frustrating so sometimes we just need to pull away and do our own things. We both did that and had a great time. I was glad that I got close to Kylie at the end. He can have distasteful humour and was a bit of a grump for a while (mainly from the Arah thing and not being able to vent) but I'm glad we smoothed out.

Alrighty, so that's pretty much the story!

And now Makuchan has IMed me for my next friendship experience! Hope she's okay. Offered to talk on the phone or pick her up if she needs it. We'll see how this goes. Done now!
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