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The Lock-in.

In the end I ended up going to the GSA lock-in.

It was fun and exhausting.

I went and had another conversation with Kleppy.

I finally got Kleppy to out and say she has a crush on Robby.

Makuchan doesn't like that much; she says it's because he's not physically attractive. I think if he were a girl he'd be very physically attractive, personally. Makuchan tends to get made at Kleppy when she talks about him too much or goes and hangs out with him instead of us.

I guess she's got her own jealousy problems to work out then, too.

I almost fell alseep on the loo twice near the end of it. I thought that was funny.

Rachel drove me home around 6:30. I went to sleep when I got home. At 10:30 Mum woke me up to get the Zovirex, or I think that's what it's called. Da's having an outburst of coldsoars. Apparently he's got Herpes too. I had forgotten. So yay for us [insert last name here] family having Herpes. I'm sure I'll be getting a cold sore or two soon.

((And I mean Herpes Simplex 1. So mainly cold sores.))

Then I went back to sleep until around 5.

I'm going to go watch The Lost Boys at some point and continue outlining my novel or draw a picture for an art collaboration I'm hoping to start with Fae.
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