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New cane, great friends, and a stupidannoyingmean brain.

So I've had a pretty horrible day, but I, er, liked it? Because people cared and made me feel happy. (zOMG NAME DROP! Elena, Kat, Helst, Lisa, Shoe, and Beans. Thank yoouuu!)

I stayed home from school today. =/. Turned out the Runt/brother ended up staying home, too. I hadn't known. I thought he'd gone in. Andi went in, but now she's feeling even worse than I am. So those paired along with Elena's reassurance, I've come to the conclusing that staying home was a good idea. Especially since I only missed a short day.

I spent most of the day reading the same Harry Potter fanfic. It's an AU, and basically a novel to go along with each Harry Potter novel. It's all dark and fun. I'm on the third one.

My head is being all dizzy and annoying. Whenever I think happy thoughts it gets all mad at me and makes the room spin or my eyes pained. Only during happy thoughts, though. That's annoying. Bloody brain.

I GOT A WALKING STICK/CANE ON EBAY! -Happiness despite now spinny room/owwy eyes.-

Drool over it, please!

I'm too lazy to make it all HTML-ified. Please forgive me, I'm dizzy. :p. </excuse>.

I've got to do homework at some point. I think they'll all be insane answers that I'll read and laugh tomorrow. Haha. Oww spinny room. =/.
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