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[. Karmatic Travel .]

I had my last Windsor shower. I have said goodbye to the building and the campus.

I was really worried about printing things out and then getting to the station tomorrow.

It all worked out, like karma. I always forget about that--or maybe everything only works out so often because I work so hard to make it happen.

I didn't have enough money to print out my stuff and I texted Batgirl, made my credit last and she let me use the printing money she never touches. I came back and ran into Doreen--she and Irish are going to the station tomorrow morning too, with a taxi. So I don't have to worry about calling one and it'll be cheaper.

Last night here. I'm sleeping on an uncovered bed, but all is good. I saw my room in the house today. It was beautiful. I can't wait for it to be my room. Will require oodles of cleaning, but I am so prepared!

I'll be hungry when I get home tomorrow. Don't know if I get breakfast tomorrow. Will get a mega icky plane meal late in the day and that's it 'til I'm home pretty much. :P But I'll manage.

Home tomorrow. Travel day. Oh, my gods, I love travel days. I love travelling. And planes. Peace and music and thoughts. Mmmm. Can't wait 'til I'm settled on that plane, and the stress of GETTING to the travel stage is through.
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