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Writer's Block: All-Nighter

When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

Ahhahhah. Was it Tuesday night? I don't even know, all these days are the same day! I was reading and writing and drawing and doing fun stuff. I wanted to have one last all-nighter in Windsor just for fun, given I had so many for work and the like.

It was nice!

I stay up all night all the time. I am such a night-owl.

I told Andrew today, "It's not like I'm just sleeping until [3 p.m.]! I go to sleep really late, wake up for breakfast, stay awake a bit, and go back to sleep!" He replied, "You are so nocturnal!" and laughed. I informed him that kiwibirds are nocturnal too.

So there. My namesake is active at night, so am I! :D

I am also debating on whether I should take a shower. I want to take one tomorrow so I don't have to Saturday. Hmm, hmm. Quite a bit of packing to do today. Blech I say!
Tags: writer's block
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