Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Summer Ball is all lit up and there's screaming and I'm hungry and people are watching Spirited Away in Sarah's room.
  • My nail clippers AND my scissors are gone. This is catastrophic. I don't want to resort back to my teeth and file! D:
  • Yay for now having useless software on my computer I probably won't touch again. Sigh. I wont be able to sleep if I try with Summer Ball.
  • Tell me WHY I decided to send Lindsay the link to the videos from high school? She probably won't even respond. Epic. FML.
  • Seeing pictures of Dyke March and Gay Pride makes my poor little Masshole lesbian heart hurt. D: Wish I could have gone.
  • Lindsay and I were talking. It was very formal, but loosened up. She's randomly offline now. I always fear I've been blocked.
  • Makes me wonder: just when will I truly understand that she's accepted my apology for high school? Hope soon. Would like to be friends.
  • The Poker Face song is haunting me from the Summer Ball. It follows me everywhere. Silly popular songs freaking me out.
  • I love Callica. I really do. But I cannot read these wicked long fics, so many chapters! I'm so sorry lj memories! Sticking with shorties.
  • Grrr. I made the promise when I was 14 not to read steamy fanfic before trying to sleep. When have I ever actually kept that promise?!
  • Yay! I am talking to Lindsay! And it is fun and easy! And she's laughing! And we're making fun of Katty Perry! The world feels right!
  • Oh oh oh! Linds just signed off at random again, and I'm not concerned she blocked me! This is progress, people! I'm healing!
  • Alright. It's finally time for sleep. Life feels really nice right now. Won't when I'm tired tomorrow morning! :P
  • I do not want to be awake right now. Half hour BEFORE my alarm. Because it was freaking hot and the sun was on my face. Dies.
  • Summer, you are too hot. I can't deal with your hotness. And with that I mean temperature. You're killing me here. I need ice baths.
  • Alrighty. I guess I'll drop down to breakfast for a bit, come back up and get ready. Life feels fuzzy and undefined. Sanity gone. Hmm.
  • Yay, I look all pretty now. Must not be tempted to skip Meeting from being tired. I can sleep when I pass out or when I'm dead.
  • Alright. I'm going, I'm going. Goodbye fic. I will see you later. Probably after I come home in the early evening and pass out on my bed.
  • I'm watching The Changeling with Hayls. Later watching that film with the cardriving and the hot girl navigators and the gore.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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