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[. You've got a Friend .]

I am going to be so knackered for church tomorrow. I think it's worth it.

I IMed with Lindsay for a really long time. At first it was formal and stinted. After that it was beautifully normal. Joking, perverse in places, suggestions of TV because "I think you'd like this" and being right, making silly fun of some music...

I felt like I was back in freshman or sophomore year, only different. Like I was back to that level of connection but in another time. Freshman in college remembering freshmen of high school.

It felt really nice. She's got a boyfriend, her brother's friend, and she's back near Plymouth. Looking for a job. Enjoying her time. Kory's got a boyfriend, settled down a bit, grown up a lot and is at school full time. Lindsay isn't talking with Beth much because they split a bit, given Beth's more interested in hanging with the Andi group, and Andi can be a jerkface sometimes.

She talks to Dana sometimes but Dana's into the pot scene and neither of us is interested in it. But she's down for a possible meet up in the future, with the three of us and possible significant otters (at least for them--Lindsay's boyf and Dana's Booby). I don't have one. I don't mind.

It just feels good. I feel like we can be friends again. She accepted my apology for high school. She told me I still gave her a lot and helped her a lot. Most of the time I can't see it, but I'll have to take her word for it.

I IMed her to show her the videos I had found and put together.

I'm so happy I did. I'm going to be tired tomorrow, but I'll be tired with one more friend, and I think that's worth it.
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