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08 June 2009 @ 09:05 pm
Teh Kwii's Kweh  

  • Epic. I can now play Coin Operated Boy (sung as Coin Operated Girl on this end) on the ukulele. My life is complete.
  • I feel very teased. I got all excited when Toast's screenie came on but the cake was a lie, and it was only her mobile phone version. Nuu.a
  • Oh my gods that was a long email to write. I feel drained and pleased at the same time. Can I make it through more? Don't think so.
  • I hate when I do that. Have a whole film loaded and then accidentally switch pages. FML. Oh well.
  • It's night night time, methinks. I hope I can actually fall asleep tonight. That would be pleasant. No screaming girls or drama or anything.
  • www.xkcd.com/594/ That totally reminded me of physics junior year with Cavinator. :P Lulz lulz. So dorky me, cramps stink!
  • Staying awake is hard to do. Getting dressed, dinner downstairs and then back up probably in bed again. :P Summerrrr.
  • Reason #1 to not throw books onto floor: The bookmark WILL come out and you will remember mid-throw that you don't know your place. Oops.
  • I have accomplished nothing today. I should be proud, obviously.
  • I am also still hating on my bladder. a;lskjf;lakjs stupid organ.
  • The washroom smells like ocean again. I think marine creatures secretly live in the bathtub, for no human in her right mind would use it.
  • Strange to have wasted a whole day. Tea at half five and then I'm leaving to start walking to town at 6. Cinema with Friends from Meeting.
  • I made it through some more email-things. I need to get ready to leave for six after tea. Long walk and iPod! Environmental film! Smiles.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!