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Sorry for spamming your friends' page.

So I was walking in from taking the dogs out (and twirling a big stick around because it made me happy) and Mum's on the phone. Normal enough. She then signals frantically at the laptop for me to get on. It's Britt, and she's typed, "i love gina". Some people might have taken that as loving a girl named Gina. Knowing her and her stand on homosexuality, I guessed not. I guessed some sort of hurtful joke. It was.

Here's the conversation. And this is the part that worries Mum: it was sent to GerriSt, my MUM's AOL account. As in, Britt had all intentions of having this conversation with Mum. As far as Britt knows, I think she thinks she did have the conversation with Mum.

SoftBChick**: i love gina
SoftBChick**: i love gina
SoftBChick**: vagina
GerriSt: Excuse me?
SoftBChick**: ginas
GerriSt: Is this some sort of jest? Are you mocking me?
SoftBChick**: yes
GerriSt: Why would you do something like that?
SoftBChick**: idk
GerriSt: Do you spite me? Do you have something against me?
SoftBChick**: maybe
GerriSt: Then I suppose we've reached an impasse. Might you know who you're speaking with?
SoftBChick**: nope
GerriSt: Then why did you IM me with such intentions, with no knowledge of who you were about to contact?
SoftBChick**: idk
GerriSt: Well, enjoy your random bouts of IMing, then.
SoftBChick**: k
SoftBChick** signed off at 5:34 P.M.

I'm not really surprised, though. I'm a bit stung, but it's nothing I'm not used to now. Besides, she'd already told me of her disaproval. As Mum says, Barbara (Britt's mother) always goes on about how she's the 'country bumpkin' relative of the family.

-Shrug.- Mum's hurt that it was sent to her, though. Britt was very inappropriate, and worst of all it was sent to an adult.

I'm still feeling pretty happy. I was hurt for a while, and there's still some hurt, but I'm not going to let someone like her bring me down. Not when I'm not ashamed of who I am. If I were, I would be crushed. If she doesn't like me for any reason, it isn't my problem.

I've been compassionate and kind to her for as long as I've known her. If this is how she repays me, so be it. She shan't receive the feelings she went after. Yes. I'm hurt. I'm not ashamed. I'm not mortified. I'm disappointed.
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