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Kiwi is still very happy.

Mum came in and asked if I wanted anything at CVS. I said eyeliner, because I miss having some. It can be fun. We had a bit of a conversation about that, and she agreed to get me some.

I heard music and went to Da's room. He had his iPod plugged into a speaker and was listening to it like a giddy child. I smiled. Mum and I had a fake and very angsty, humorous screaming match ending with, 'Leave me alone!' and a reply of, 'Fine, I'm leaving!' with a pout.

Kiwi then went into the bathroom and stepped in a puddle. She was very pleased and hopped. She then thought about what a puddle in the bathroom could point to, and laughed.

Kiwi is still not talking to her brother, the prat that still doesn't realise why I'm angry with him, though I specifically told him over and over and over again. He's a dimwit. Ugh.

But alas, Kiwi is still very, very happy!

... and pleased to be typing an entry in third person. Poosh! ^-^!

Off to continue reading Harry Potter fanfic and listening to music.
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