Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • This professor does not proof-read his slides. Or even, I imagine, read them through a second time ever. I am going crazy. Goodbye, sanity.
  • I should not be immature enough to be amused that the standard instrument for water vapour calculation is the "Assman psychrometer."
  • Going through this lecture is probably the stupidest thing I've ever done. It's not as though I understand any of it even reading through it
  • Sigh. Always hate that once I'm done watching TBBT and playing the theme song one last time I have to go back to revision. Dread.
  • I don't like it...when people constantly end sentences...with ellipses...because it makes me feel hesitant...and suspicious... Really...
  • I bought a 50p tomato soup off Hayls for tea tomorrow. =] That will be good. Need to make sure I wake up for dinner though!
  • I need to not find new and unique ways to procrastinate. Also, I would die to go to Falcon Ridge Folk Festival! Want to go to a festival!
  • Microsoft Office Trial just ran out. Will try uninstalling and wiping and re-installing trial. If not I'm frakked.
  • Do they ever know how loud they are? =/ I know I'm just miffed from comp. programs and revision and responsibilities, but blech.
  • Alright, never mind, I do have a fluff limit. That story almost made me vomit. Bad fanfic, bad fluff, pointless and badly-written. Ick.
  • It didn't email me the free trial code. Life just hates me tonight. I'm sleeping soon. Sod this.
  • I got it as soon as I exited out of the window prompting for the trial code. Sigh. This is just my day today. Finish installing, Office!
  • Dinner time with Hayls! Most mismatched outfit everrr.
  • Mary is wearing Doreen's hair extension. Ohmigods, so hilarious. She looks like a crazed rockstar.
  • It has now told me again that the trial is expired. Apparently the work I did yesterday counts for nothing. FML, frakked.
  • Dear Microsoft: I hate you. I cannot afford to pay $500 for products just to be a student. Student=no monies. Hate, Kiwi
  • I'm trying this one more time. If it doesn't work, I'm doing the trial again and not doing the free trial product code. 25 uses. Frak.
  • My head is seriously going to explode. I am sick of all this shite. Can't copy-paste from expired trial Word. Works hates me. Faaaack.
  • The wind is going frakking crazy today. It pulls my curtains out the window and then blows them at my face. Attacked by curtains. Win.
  • At least kiwifruit was mentioned in one of the Humans lectures. Not that it makes me feel any better. I still don't understand this nonsense
  • Mary has left to go off to Florida now. I am in charge of caring for her teddy bear and making it friends with Rowe Bear. Miss her already.
  • Awwwr, Mary sent us all goodbye and goodluck texts. Sweetheart! Makes revision slightly less evil.
  • I made it through lecture three. Holy heck that was terrible. At least I get a little break. 3 more to do today, hopefully.
  • I have a month longer to do my Hermione Bang story than I thought I did. I thought I had 'til June. Way to read the fine lines, Kwiibird.
  • I don't feel very nice. And I don't have enough work done. And I don't want tomorrow or Tuesday to come.
  • "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."
  • Sigh. Another lecture and break through. =[ This revision sucks my soul out. Worst course everrr.
  • Drats. By reading Humans lecture I'm pretty sure I got one of my ecology exam questions wrong. Giggle. So not worth the bother.
  • I really need to not be hungry and my stomach needs to settle itself. I can't be tempted to order delivery food by myself.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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