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Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Back from Face Bar. Pirate's a wanker sometimes. Good night, though. Cleaning my room now. Everything-on-the-bed method.
  • Ahh, my lovely post-school ritual. Ripping up all the post-its telling me to do things (that I naturally did last minute).
  • I'm awake. Woke at 10 but didn't want to, back to sleep. Skipping dinner. Will eat supernoodles for tea. All is good in Kiwiland.
  • I loved when the Word of the Day is a word I've already learned and love. It makes me feel intelligent. =] Love vocab!
  • Oh! I get to read kellychambliss' Luna/Ginny HP story now! Giving myself some nice time to wake up.
  • Awwwr, that made me feel all warm and soft inside. I can't believe I'm a closet fan of fluff, still. Bad Kiwi. Thought we got you over it.
  • There is so much about the L Word that I don't remember. Want to go through the series and watch again! :P
  • I love reading poetry. It gives me shivers. I've read through my stored supplies now. Beautiful, beautiful, dark and twisty to bright skies.
  • The Big Bang Theory is making me want a sandwich. I miss my favourite food. Whose favourite food is SANDWICH? Mine, apparently.
  • Also, some day I WILL learn the Big Bang Theorie'
  • ...I hate you enter key. Anyway, I will learn the Big Bang Theory's theme song on uke! Would be so much fun to play!
  • Awwwr, my trampoline back home had to go. =( I didn't get to say goodbye. I am such a goofy kid at heart. I'll miss the tramp.
  • I've got the Big Bang Theory theme song down all except the solo, which I have to figure out what to do with. Know the chords...
  • I need to learn to read tabs some time. Annoying to go find chords instead. Blech on stuff! =P
  • I hit 2k updates. I also can't get myself to do anything. Shower, revise, clean. I'm just epic failing. Humans makes me want to unexist.
  • The Internet is being so slow. It's annoying. Speed up, Internet!
  • Yup, just as I imagined. Doing humans revision makes me want to sleep for a decade without interruption. Pinch meeee.
  • I love the chair Ed is getting rid of through the church email. If I only I were home to go get it, and it wouldn't go to waste in my room!
  • I made it through the first lecture. I didn't fall asleep. Holy flying frakmuffins I am proud of myself. I may reward with a shower. =P
  • Blinks. Why yes, I do pretty much write essays in lj comments. I think I've been doing this for years. Internet, Seriuz buznezz! :P
  • FB quiz told me I should live in California. First thought: "Not until I can marry, thank-you-very-much!" Prefer MA, indeedy!
  • I have come to the conclusion that I love people who use the word "wont." It makes me smile.
  • Shower time. I need to scrub the boredom from my pores. And maybe get dressed, given it's 5 to 9 p.m. Go me. Such a student.
  • Now, as usual...the question of what to do with my large mass of Hermione hair. Two plaits? Thinking perhaps.
  • Lulz at the "I'm a Christian and think homosexuality is a sin...but I ship Ellen/Portia" LJ secret. How conflicted are you! Poor soul...

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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