Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Sin and Sinner

I'm trying to be patient and kind and compassionate. I really am.

I was making noodles today and Harry followed me to the kitchen, back from the fields. He said he went to a Pure meeting, run by the Christian Union. I just smiled.

He told me, "And we were going over Godly relationships, and homosexuality."

Insert groan here. I nodded and listened. I watched the microwave as he said, "And I was wondering if we could, you know, have a conversation about homosexuality some time."

I turned and asked as kindly as I could, "What is there to say, Harry? What can I say?"

He then went on to tell me about all they had been learning and how he wanted to tell me the beliefs and I believe I let slip something like, "Oh, so you want to tell me things. Alright, that works."

He tried to explain something they had talked about. "And how we're not supposed to like it, and..."

I fervently wished the microwave would bing. It didn't. I said softly, "Hate the sin, not the sinner."

He was utterly shocked. He said, "Whoa, that's exactly the line! I didn't know you would know that!" and gave more astounded words. I sighed and turned to him again. "Harry, when you're someone groups of people hate for something you can't control nor want to, you have to research and understand who hates you." He looked more shocked.

Then he told me how the CU (Christian Union) didn't agree with the "Hate the sin, love the sinner" because they didn't think you could do that. So he told me he wants to tell me his beliefs on it all.

I will sit down. I will listen. My head will explode, but it will all be hidden. We parted amiably and he left.

I looked out the window and started rambling about how this certainly wasn't the type of stuff I face back home, it's so very foreign to me. I said, "Godly relationships. You shouldn't hate me for my homosexual relationships, you should hate them for not being godly--they can't because I don't believe in God, and this is driving me mad!" The microwave blinged right as I finished. I said, "Thank you Mistress Fate, Universal Force, thank you for the sign and more importantly my meal! And thank you for letting me not go mad unless I'm on my own!"

Now I'm going to enjoy my noodles and, my goodness gracious green earth, I am going to TRY to be patient with naive little Christian boys and religion in general and awkward pauses.

Less than a month until I'm back in my Queer bubble, making jokes about Sinners and Sins, and how delightful they are.
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