Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • I've come to the conclusion that I own, basically, four pairs of shoes. Then Wellies and slippers. Only wear one or two. Giggles.
  • Through the day I wrote to 15.7k. I'm just now getting really into the story. Will have so much to go through and fix! Blech.
  • I think I'm going to go to sleep and wake up at 6.30 or 7 to wake up and revise through the day for ecology. Just reading notes. Doss exam.
  • Awwwr, cute pictures and messages. :D Also, awake. Ick but yay. =P. Will brush hair...
  • As was predicted, it is an incredibly sunny day. Don't hear anyone else up and awake. Giggles. Yawn. Revision soon.
  • Revisionnnnn. Reading through my lecture booklets. 4 hours to exam, 5.5 hours to temporary freedom and a nap. :D I can do eet!
  • 9 lectures left to read through. This stuff feels like common sense. Then again, ecology IS my course. Laughter. Go plants!
  • Mnemonic for types of competition: Cranky People Often Can't Tolerate Each (other). I'll go with the grammar goof and just remember. :D
  • Giggles. One of the studies about competition, with the Anolis lizards, was on St. Maarten. Always reminds me of Mum and her holidays!
  • Find it ironic that New World carrion-consuming vultures are related to the baby-delivering storks, laughter. Mother Nature win.
  • Time for dinner. Will be doing more revision then. =P I look adorable! Memere's new top and some liner and hair down, floral skirt. Awwwr.
  • Had dinner. Hour before I leave my room. Three and a bit booklets to read through, but not doomed if I can't. So close, so close!
  • Going over to Palmer early with Batgirl for more revision and then exam taking. Off to my death! :D Two more to read.
  • I have finished my exam! I actually found it enjoyable. Hmm. I've got my umbrella now (it's sunny, so) and am back off to celebrate outside.
  • Off to the green again! :D Have Koolaid, an umbrella and a book. What else do I need? =]
  • I should be cleaning my room from the mess it gathers during revision times. But I'm going out later and I don't want tooo.
  • Brad's dog Shamus died the first of May. I totally didn't know. D: Nooo, Shamus! I didn't get to say goodbye! I miss him and Brad.
  • I should be able to do this module selection thing on my own. Take two. Needs to be in by midnight. Ruddy procrastinators.
  • System so slow. Of course. I forgot most university students [and faculty] are procrastinators. 'course it's over-used right now.
  • Kiwi, stop being tempted to put down "Women's Writing and Feminist Theory." You KNOW the science department will MURDER you.
  • It's weird seeing the year as "2009/0." Year 0? That just tickles my fancy. Giggle giggle giggle. I'm schooling in Year Zero.
  • Aghhh my heart is tearing in two! Animals and plants! I heart both! But I've got three plant-oriented compulsories... Hmm, hmm.
  • I am annoyed that I don't know when Entomology and Birds will be, because if they both end up in spring and I pick spring electives...Geh.
  • They also seem to be all male professors. AGAIN. I am SO female-professor deprived it's ridiculous! Angry face.
  • I finally make my choices and it logs me out. Well then. If that's how you feel, Reading website! Sticks out tongue.
  • My statistics teacher is a woman. But stats is inherently evil. I don't think even estrogen can help me with that.
  • Science Communication professor is a very cute woman. Grins. That always makes class more fun!
  • I think I'm taking 11 courses next year. That's at least 6 and 5 science courses per semester, if I get a lucky split. Ack!
  • Sent an email to Mark asking if he knows when the Birds and Entomology modules are. Regardless, better or worse, my electives are chosen.
  • Batgirl was already going to Face Bar by taxi so I'm tagging along with her. I'm really going out tonight. Wow that's frakking bizarre.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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