Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

3 years later, still death by moles

I will pass chemistry. There is very little doubt of this.

Things I am still no good at: moles in general, concentrations, molarity, pH calculations, etc. Pattern? That would be *maths!*

alskjf;lakj I learned this stuff when I was 16! Why do I epic fail at life?! Hayls will have to teach it to me again tomorrow.

Also gotta stuff isomers and the lot into my head some more. And strong vs. weak acids and bases, 'cause that stuff is also often maths oriented (ka and pKa) so I've gotta tackle that.

Got better with the organic chem and groups though. So there's hope.

But still: ;alksdjfkj;af, maths, why dost thou slay meeeee?

This calls for a dance break. A hop around, provocative end-up-in-only-pants dance break. Followed by some general note-scanning and then sleep, and waking up for more revision. The exam is still more than 12 hours away. Somehow that freaks me out for being a LONG time rather than a short time.

P.S. Dear Naked Mole Rats: I prefer you and your eusociality to Avocado's (cough,er,Avogadro's,cough) constant and the evil that comes with it.
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