Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Hayls left to nab a few hours of sleep. She's waking me up for more revision at half six. Revising together, even sep. subjects, is grand.
  • Off to my death/Mammals exam. :D Be back later for a shower party and possible nap! Waves.
  • Back from exams! Wrote about social structure and offspring preference of unicorns and then how humans should go extinct. Rocking ecology!
  • I made a Queer friend! This makes me incredibly happy! Yaaaay. :D
  • Uhm, new quote, apparently? "If this is personal growth, it's itchy and weird." I think that sums up my growth moments.
  • Patiently awaiting the day kellychambliss (LJ) has enough to own her own book store. I'll only be in there, say, every day. Bookworm! :D
  • Which reminds me that I have not read anything in more than a month, I believe. This is a travesty. Scarfing down books over the summer.
  • I love how my mother and I can talk about menstrual cups together without awkwardness. Go UU OWL. Motherdaughter win! <3
  • Andrea borrowed my flipflops for the uni shower. I didn't realise people actually do that. Flipflops in the shower? Seriously?
  • Laughter. I'm getting a lot of debate about putting humans down as the species I would let go extinct. I guess people take it personally!
  • Ick. I've got the conflict feeling in my tummy. Thissss would be why I never joined a debate team. Argumentative streak, be gone!
  • Time for an episode of The Big Bang Theory, methinks! Revision probably for after tea.
  • Oh apparently I got to 12k on my Hermione Bang story but forgot. :P Now I have most of the scenes I want to write at least outlined.
  • By "outlined" I mean "written in a list with minimal detail, one line tops, so that I don't forget to include them." Such a writer...not!
  • My TweetDeck color scheme - BG1: 339933 BG2: 66FF33 INPUT: FFCCFF TXT1: 660066 TXT2: 000000 It looks like a watermelon. :D
  • 13k and time for tea. Not too bad. I'll probably write a bit more when I come back and then start going through Chem.
  • I miss having a dog. On my bed and stuff. Even smelly dogs. But I miss big dogs too. I need to be around some nice big dogs. <3
  • My Microsoft Office trial ends soon and I don't know what to do because I kind of really need Office. D: Not good, not good.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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