Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus


I don't like this place I get into when I'm sitting here looking for ANYTHING to do that isn't revision.

I hate:
a) Watched TBBT.
b) Written.
c) Played some uke.
d) Read a chapter in a book (ohmygods have I missed authentic book-reading).
e) Taken a failed nap.

Mainly because I have been incapable of getting myself to look at my chemistry stuff. Hayls has been having the same problem. I think it's just a generally difficulty of going back to revision on a day one has already had an exam. Except it sort of needs to be done.

And I could either go to sleep now and wake up at 6.30, 5.30 or 4.30 and revise until my exam, or I could do it the way my body naturally likes doing things and staying up to look through notes. Scraping sleep (always takes too long to fall asleep exam nights with no one to cuddle, and the sleep isn't thorough or very restful) and looking through it more the next day.

Tonight: Eventually kick my arse into reading through my booklets, reading through my cards, going through my workshop sheets and working through the past paper.
Thursday: Finish whatever I didn't get to/finish revision. Take exam at 2. Come home, read through ecology booklets. Read through Krebs book for whatever needs further explanation. Go to sleep.
Friday: Wake up, finish revision. Take exam at 2. Come home, do module selection for next year. Take a break and commence Humans revision.

I am zapped.
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