Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Andrea came in. "KIWI! I JUST FOUND THE WEIRDEST THING IN THE TOILET! IT WAS A POO! A BIT ONE!" You don't say. That's astounding.
  • Actually a BIT one would be astounding. And disgusting. But no, of course I typoed, and it was a rather LARGE example of human defecation.
  • I am being pressured to join in the writing HP woman-folk smut. I should not be tempted. This is REVISION time, not smut. Brain, shut up.
  • Saved Andrea from a bee. Lauren went on about, "It's going to kill you! Sting you! Kill you!" Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Bug off. :]
  • I am on my last lecture. I am going to do my Humans lectures by just typing them. Will not be tempted to do that with ecology, no cheating.
  • What is my aversion to joining writing fests and the lot? Sigh. I guess I don't feel like a very good writer. That's disappointing.
  • My stomach is not pleased with the apple I ate. Also, it is far too hot in Windsor Hall tonight. I am dying. Deathhh. Last lecture.
  • Just saved Andrea from a bee again. Opened window to try to cool down. Will resort to walking around in pants soon.
  • Apparently "soon" translates to "right now." Hair up, shirt twisted and tied, jammies off. Perfect summer wear. Breeze, I love you.
  • Awwr. Mary sent me a goodnight message before she went to sleep, from the room over. :] So cute. Love my friends and uni, etc etc.
  • I am doooooone with all the lectures! That feels excellent excellent whee whee super fab!
  • Time for night nights now. :D Pleasant dreams for Kiwi. Birds singing. It's joy.
  • Eck, I'm awake, I'm awake. Awoken by a Hayls calling me "cute when I sleep" which is fine, then a call from counselling. Nap time?
  • Was just asked by Mary the Cleaner if I had rubbish, but she didn't come in, so I had to go out with it. "Ignore the state of undress.
  • I have just realised that I don't think I've ever written a fanfic more than two chapters long. I'm not a chapter person.
  • I recorded a very unfinished, plain, still-cold-voiced, soft, imperfect version of the Windsor Hall song I wrote. Giggles. Work, Kiwi!
  • Also, I keep thinking about Prop 8. Hoping hoping praying praying. Not for it, obviously. Please please please, Mother Universeee.
  • I have also come to the conclusion that at some point during the summer I want to go to NYC with Snoops. It would be so killer. :]
  • Friday it's supposed to be really sunny. Laughter, doubt I'm going to get much Humans revision done that day! Working now, I swear!
  • DK: No, you don't have a new email. No, no one updated LJ. No one put up a tweet. The Internet hasn't changed. REVISE, woman! LK
  • Apparently with Orange you can now check your mobile credit on Facebook with a widget. WTF, world? You're getting pretty strange.
  • Call from counselling. Appointment 2 pm Friday the 5th. Kiwi, if you forget this, so help me Earth I will smother you in your sleep.
  • I put up a sticky note at my desk. If I forget this then it can only be because I am an idiot. But I will not flake out on this! I won't!
  • Why is MyDrunkTweets following me on Twitter when I don't drink? Sometimes stuff like this is just ridiculous. :P
  • I have a nasty habit of replying to other comments in the entries of friends. Is that rude? Hmm. I wonder, I wonder. I hope not.
  • The wind is eating my curtains. It knocked over my bee-saving cup. Curtains flapping out the window. Hush, Wind! Reminds me of my poem.
  • I am questioning why I use "Xiomara" instead of "Rolanda" for Hooch. It's such an old habit I don't even remember. Because it's funky, probs
  • Mum got a free new MoonCup through freecycle! It's probably weird how much this excites me. Go environment and cups! :]
  • "Ah fuck you, man, I hit the post and it goes out, you hit the post and it goes in!" Do I hear football games in the floors below me? I do!
  • FU CA! You're a FUCA! D:
  • #rejectprop8 FU CA, you FUCA. D:
  • FML. I ended up playing a lot of uke because I couldn't resist. So now it's time for tea and ACTUAL revision, you stupidface Kiwi! D:
  • I need to stop failing. But my brain is open to very little tonight. This is a bad sign, a bad sign indeed. I know it pretty well...

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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