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Exams remind me of a line from the Lion King. (From one of the songs that I think has epic vocabulary, even to this day!)

"I know that your powers of retention are as wet as a warthog's backside."

Also, I have now been awake for two hours (one spent for lunch, pretty much) and don't have it in me to revise yet.

Bad Kiwi. Slap to the wrist. So somehow I'm watching The Big Bang Theory. Huh. Right, anyway.

I know I will get myself to go through my mammals material. Guess procrastination is just embracing me for the while. Seems okay for a bit, given the last straight week have been pretty much nothing but revision.

ETA: But! I was watching the opening (normally I don't pay attention) and as it was cycling through I saw the Maois statues from Easter Island! So it's sorta like revision. I mean, Easter Island was the second half of my last ecology lecture... And the show is like looking into what I'll be like in the future, only geeky in a different way that involves hugging trees and being a scientific hippie...
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