Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Common thing for me to scream out: "I'm not a real woman, I swear!" Why is this? Because I don't do my washing up. I = Cristina. ><
  • Well that was an incredibly long break. I'm going to finish Chemistry and I guess have five lectures to do tomorrow. Fail, laughter, oh well
  • I have completed the chemistry. And so what if that's all I really got done today. It's amazing. It's done. Tomorrow ecology and mammals.
  • Looking at the hp_femsmut prompt for Femmeslash day and my mind is exploding at all the prompts, Go away, creative juices, be gooone!
  • My Windsor Hall song is coming along nicely. It's going to be one long-arse song to accommodate all the memories and seasons and all. <3.
  • But now that it's nearly finished, I'm off to bed for a fresh day of revision tomorrow! Yaaay. :D Night night everyone!
  • Bad slightly-sick Kiwi to not be waking up 'til half 11. You may have ruined your opportunity to shower in the morning.
  • Doreen went in to give Lauren a talking to about Sunny and her actions. I swear all Lauren ever does is argue. s'a pity. D:
  • I also think that I have a terrible memory. It gets worse during exams. I remember all my school stuff and forget everything from my life.
  • I found the lost tack by stepping on it. Ah, sometimes the only thing I can do is laugh at myself. :]
  • Also, Lauren and Sunny are still having a row. I wonder about these people who end up in relationships they can't handle.
  • Harry's house was burgled when he was back home for the weekend, when the fam. was at a wedding. Holy crow.
  • I'm eating lunch after I finish this first lecture 'cause I skipped brunch. I need to hurry through this lecture. 8D
  • Yay finished lecture one, get to munch on some nom now! Will probably dance as I do it. Sounds good to me! Lauren's giving story in corridor
  • I think I'm going to hoover my room when I get this lecture done. Maybe clean my sink and desk if I find supplies, otherwise I'll wait.
  • Sweet. In England next year savings time is 31 October! We get another hour of Halloween! :D
  • I am also really loving this breeze. More when it blows my curtains IN than sucks them up over my uke and decorations, but either way!
  • I have made it through far too many blue pens through this whole revision process. And now I keep hiccuping. Ab fab! X3
  • Sunny tailgated Mary into the building and corridor to leave Lauren an expensive bouquet. She didn't let him him. Excitement, drama, Windsor
  • I have hoovered my room! I do power-hoovering to try to get the clingy bits off the floor. It's a real workout, totally!
  • This lecture is making me sick. Pictures of dead and cut up animals everywhere and poaching and exploitation and oh, please hide me.
  • Awwwr, Jujubean came in and gave me pizza and checked up on me. :P Cute cute. I am deciding plans and revising.
  • This is the cheesiest pizza I have ever had. Gigglesnort. Cheesy pizza. I am weirdly hyper right now. It's not even 10 yet!
  • Also! To all my Twitter friends! I am serenading you with Carole King's "You've Got a Friend." If you strain enough, you may hear it! LJ too
  • Hayls says I look like a prairie dog when I sniff around to see if something smells, like the burning scent now. Prairie dog! Or meerkat. :P
  • I has Koolaid! And can see the end of my last Mammals slide! And Hayls revising in my room checking out my bum when I hop up and down! <3
  • I finished my mammals lectures! Which means I joyfully hopped up my wall a lot and skipped. And Hayls laughed at me. 'cause I'm bonkers.
  • Releasing my hair from its tight, scholarly mini-Minerva bun and we'll see what I do. Plaits, probably. Predictable. Sigh, Kiwi!

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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