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[. and i can't let you in .]

I woke up around 11 naturally. Took way too long doing mammals.

Chemistry I understand taking all day. I have to actually sit down and understand it. I think I'm a lot better of with it.

I was about done, a few slides left, at 11 p.m. Ate tea in the corridor with Hayley, Irish, Doreen and Lauren. There was drama with Sunny, Lauren's boyfriend. Doreen and I talked her through it.

Hayls went to bed. It was really nice sitting out in the corridor with Irish and Doreen. They're really fun. Lots of hilarious drunken stories. Irish doesn't remember the time I helped her get into her room/her bed when she was drunk first term, laughter. I'm not surprised.

I've been really getting along with that group lately. I leave my door open every day--Hayls will come in to chat, then Mary and sometimes Lauren and then we're all congregating together. It's so much fun.

I guess I'm just in that Goodbye phase. A lot of people will deny that Goodbyes are coming, or think of it so often it overwhelms the present moments and puts a thin cover of sadness over everything. Goodbyes are one of the few things I don't deny--I may not make them particularly special, or acknowledge them as something hugely important outwardly, but I allow myself to feel them in my bones.

I'm in my period of knowing a Goodbye is approaching. It makes me appreciate all of these moments and smile extra wide. It's not a Goodbye moment of my going back to America for a while. It's a goodbye to Windsor Hall and having so many of us together on one floor, of all the things that come with Windsor Hall and living with these girls.

I'm writing a song about it. It isn't done yet. Maybe after exams I'll actually finish it and put it to a uke tune. That would be too much fun.

I need to get more done tomorrow than I've finished the last few days. It should work out.
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