Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • Thank gods for being friends with Hayley who does chemistry. <3. At least I know I can get help!
  • Mary, Hayley & Irish are watching Grey's in Mary's. I rush over for Calzone scenes. Watching finale again tomorrow or something! Giddy.
  • Also, realised I could never be Arizona, because sandwiches are my favourite food. :3 But I do really love pizza. In bed. So, it all works.
  • They're going to be watching the finale. Looks like I will be having a very unproductive day! 3 lectures missed and possibly no writing.
  • It is sunny and nice out. I am only waking up now. I DO have a cold, have to forgive myself. Behind on revision and need to shower. Pout.
  • I also have to do module selection for next year before the end of the 29th. This should be more exciting that it is. Meeeebles.
  • I feel quite a bit better after getting showered and ready for the day. Going to go nab a quick dinner in the canteen and come back up.
  • I forgot it was the weekend now. Saturday. Which meant the weird breakfast for lunch thing and no tea today. Supernoodles and revision.
  • Dear Brain: You are not allowed to write Calzone or Callica or Addica fic while you are revising. Give it up. Love, Kiwi
  • Dear iTunesDJ: Not cool to play Konstantine and make me miss my bestie when I am trying to revise organic chem aka death. Glare, Kiwi (<3)
  • I am so tired. I've only finished one lecture so far. I'm terrible. D: I need to get more done.
  • I am very frustrated at nothing right now. Hate that my body's answer to frustration is tears. Need to work, not cry, silly frustrated body.
  • I am so incredibly lonely. This is ridiculous. I don't really get lonely. I hate what frustration drives me to. Stupid tears, go away!
  • I should never have watched a sad film. Now it's 7 o'clock and I'm only finishing my second lecture. I disappoint me.
  • I Don't know how I went from peace to off kilter in an instance today. I would love to get it back. Feel overwhelmed, but shouldn't...
  • I very much wish I had milk to put in my chocolate cereal. Maybe the chocolate will cheer me up or something.
  • I think I finally found the right way to do Loudtwitter. Was updating the wrong account, somehow, had a different one. Should be right now.
  • I am going to be sad to not go to Virginia Beach and stuff this year. And summer will just be weird. But lovely somehow. Make it work <3.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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