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[. catholic girls start much too late .]

A cold is in possession of me. Has been for a few days but, as is the way of swimming in The Nile, I am only admitting this to myself now.

Yesterday I got a 50 on my day. I got the extra eco lecture done, the three mammals lectures, and only one chem lecture. Leaving behind another chem lecture and two eco lectures.

I worked until midnight on the chem lecture. I AM proud of myself for understanding the functional groups of organic chem. more. I think it was an issue of going "this is confusing" at one point and then just letting my mind close down on it.

I shouldn't be disappointed because I set this up so that I had little work for Sunday and Monday and could push undone work to then without it really affecting my exams.

But! That's all stinky down stuff. So!

Yesterday Hayley and I were talking about Grey's, because we're awesome like that, and she said (without any prompting or fishing) that the Arizona Vs. Chief scene reminded her of me right away. And she thought I was Arizona-like.

Last night Mary caught up on Grey's. She had the last one to go before the final. I was working on chemistry but went in to watch whenever I felt a Calzone scene coming. The first time Hayley asked, "How did you know?!" and I said I had Arizona Senses, because essentially I'm a big dork.

Hayley wanted to watch the finale last night rather than wait (despite that we've both seen it before, Mary hadn't but was willing to wait). Mary didn't know what 007 meant. It was very anticlimactic. I think she was just completely knackered and a bit cranky crocus, really!

But now it's today and I didn't wake up until nearly 11 which I have to forgive given the whole ewww!sickness thing. Lots of work to do today but my pace probably won't be fast.

Longer entry than intended! Shower time. Showers are nummy. Showers make my head feel less "I'M IMPLODING AND EXPLODING SIMULTANEOUSLY!"
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