Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:05 @moebiuscascade What is that from? Because it sounds really familiar. Tomoyo & Sakura.
  • 17:12 @moebiuscascade I so badly want to get into Cardcaptor Sakura! I was always a Sailor Moon person. Want to get into thaaat.
  • 19:43 So much for loudtwitter getting rid of my @replies. Stupid program.
  • 21:22 Why did I forget how complicated it is to write a time series? Did I not learn when I wrote my scifi novel NOT to mess with time?
  • 05:38 @moebiuscascade Yaaaay being back! I need to get my arse up and get to revisin'.
  • 05:39 Sheet. Seedbank Report marks are up. Guess I'm going to go look. D: Not excited for this, mine was shiteee. </3.
  • 05:40 Ahhh I got a B! A 62! Which means I got a 71 for the course! Ohmigods, I GOT A FIRST IN SOMETHING! Holy crow crow crow!
  • 05:50 @moebiuscascade I have to revise hard today and tomorrow so I can be freeee more for Sunday and next week and stuff. And thanks!
  • 05:50 @Loulupip Yaaaay thank you! :]
  • 05:51 @moebiuscascade Haha pretty sure it's not. :c Always so much to do. Really need to get out of bed to do it.
  • 05:53 @moebiuscascade MY systematic approach of it doesn't work in bed. D: I wish it did. Would be so much more comfortable. Desk desk desk.
  • 05:58 @createsunspots Awwwr, thank you! I am joyful that people on Twitter care so much. :D :D :D
  • 05:59 Hmm. Thinking about jobs involving typing. I can type from dictation, I think. I'll have to practice. Wonder if I could make money that way.
  • 06:25 @hucatherine Yaaaay for getting the same mark! Haha. That was a weird report to do. Hoorah for passing! We shall Twitter-celebrate!
  • 06:26 Kiwi, GET YOUR ARSE REVISING (and preferably the rest of you too). You were really good yesterday. Time to play school!
  • 06:34 I got 67% on my productivity for yesterday. Got all the lectures done but missed out on other stuff. Still pleased! 67 is good!
  • 07:17 @Loulupip Now I'm not very excited to go down. But I'm so hungry!
  • 07:23 Heading off to dinner now. Apparently it won't be satisfying. Oh well! I'm famished! Ready for eats of any kind, provided it's edible.
  • 08:19 I am glad to be spreading the epic program that is TweetDeck. Got Zozo and Laurs! I am spreading it around the worldddd.
  • 09:10 Ahhh I'm so behind! Hayley and Mary came in and distracted me! Bad friends, bad bad! Even made me take out the HS yearbook!
  • 09:54 One mammals lecture down. Still so far behind. Should have thought to put this writing grip on my pen before! So much better!
  • 09:55 Agh, I'm so stupid! I forgot my counselling appointment and missed it! Had it on my calendar! Why am I such an idiot?! Augh augh augh. D:
  • 10:09 I have been going around asking people why I'm a complete muppet space shot. Dumdum Kiwi, very dumdum. Back to guilty revision. =[
  • 11:24 Spotted hyaena females fascinate me with the erectile clitoris pseudopenis/phallus. Nature is amazing. Should not be researching this.
  • 11:52 Just saved Becky from the clutches of a GIANT wasp. =P What a cool insect, seriously!
  • 12:04 Holy shite what an exciting natural video. =P Lions and crocodiles and buffaloes oh my!
  • 13:09 I'm back from tea. I hate feeling so conflicted on where to sit every day. It's ridiculous, like high school again. Sat alone 'stead then.
  • 13:20 I have come to the conclusion that my mammals lectures are just excuses to use lots of pre-text lolcat pictures. Really. But they're funny.
  • 13:20 I'm playing Empire Records under my work instead of listening to background music. We'll see how this goes. Know all the lines! :P
  • 13:34 I love that there is a picture of human breastfeeding in my lecture for first tactile communication, and how important it is. Yay!
  • 15:25 I am so not making my revision schedule today. Only finishing up mammals now and then still chem and eco. Bad Kiwi. Bad bad.
  • 15:51 On an enjoyment level of 1-10, I am going to enjoy working on chemistry -15. x10. Yes, -150, apparently. Bit the bullet, Kiwi! Bite nooooow!
  • 15:53 Shakes fist. Drats your ruddy pants, Mistress Fate and Madame Universe! Unless you go comando! In that case I will have to go with Grampa's:
  • 15:54 "May the fleas of 1000 camels nest in your pubic hair!" And if you're clean shaven, Madame and Mistress, then just FRAK YOU for today!
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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