Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:43 Chemistry, why are you endless? D: Still one more lecture to do in chem. No way I'll get 2 ecos done. Probably not even one. Egads,I stink.
  • 17:57 Thank frickety frack for being done with chem. So repetitive and boring. No ecology done, pout. Will have to be for tomorrow. Dance timeeee!
  • 18:39 @Loulupip They don't sound like very good BFFs! My BFFs think I'm awesome! ('cause duh, who can deny it?) and I think the same. You joking?
  • 18:40 @snoopy874 Epic grades! Stupid English. We should kick it together. :D It will be glorious.
  • 18:40 Done with my dancing and getting ready for bed. Painted toenails, other important things, etc. Think I'll remove @replies from loutwitter.
  • 18:46 @snoopy874 Haha, your free from ALMOST all English. You're not free from me. =P But I fall under the G&L category too, so we're set! <3
  • 18:52 @snoopy874 Pshaw. If it's not OK I'm going to go tackle you with my powerful British...erm...tackle. Because all Brits have it. Duh.
  • 19:10 @snoopy874 Pshaw, I can still be butch even though I'm in England. =P I will butch contest youuu!
  • 19:11 I have hiccups and my room smells like takeout food for some reason, despite that I haven't eaten. Jujubean visited. Back to scheduled t ...
  • 19:34 @zapthatmonster I have those all the time these days. Being the only single one in a group of friends really stinks. Single. Ick.
  • 20:05 @snoopy874 Pshaw, yeah right. I could out-butch you any day of the week. In a skirt and makeup. We can have a butchoff. =P
  • 20:53 I'm still up writing slower than I would like. The union kids are making their way back from a night of dance. Smiles. University.
  • 21:39 Got to 8k on Hermione Bang story. Probably getting progressively worse. Got a 79 on my day's progress. Up too late, tired, will regret.
  • 05:01 Revision commences again. Ecology first. Predation, epic stuff! Nom nom nom on you. Awake naturally, yaaaay.
  • 05:40 @createsunspots I could be unhappy with a B+. D: But not anymore! Awwr, your mother is adorable. I keep forgetting you're in my time zone!
  • 06:02 @createsunspots Otherwise I would have thought you were up very early! Or perhaps not gone to sleep yet! I woke at 9 'cause I stayed up.
  • 06:02 @createsunspots Congrats on the A- in Art History! That's happyyyyy. c: The end of June, when I get my marks, seems very far away.
  • 06:03 Finished my first ecology lecture of the day. Three more of them to go. Having a snack break 'cause I skipped breakfast again.
  • 06:33 @createsunspots I am very guilty of doing that all the time. Summertime I adore staying up at night, but guilt over missing the day.
  • 06:33 @moebiuscascade Awwr, I'm sorry Zozocreature! Good luck finding proper clothing! I got dressed today too. I'm so proud of myself. :B
  • 06:37 @createsunspots Awwr! I don't like doing it accidentally either. :[ Although at that point I tend to just start writing, unable to sleep.
  • 06:37 Anabelle is a sweetheart. Jujubean came in here to ask for a tampon (don't need anymore, thanks DivaCup!); said room is calm/comfy. Lovelove
  • 06:50 I really like Nora Jones' music. It chills me out and keeps me calm. Probably just her voice. It's nice. Good for revisionnnnn. Nnn! Nnn! :3
  • 07:08 Finished lecture 2 ecology. Break to miss dinner queue, then down for some dinner and back up for revision group 2. :]
  • 08:37 Sass just told off poor Spud for having an "annoying knock." Erm, wtf? Because he lost his keys one time? Step off, good gods!
  • 09:27 I just hollered out, "I'm studying Naked Role Mats!" Spoonerisms are epic like that. Hayley is back! There is much rejoicing. <3.
  • 09:45 Yay! One mammals lecture down. Going to write a parody version of the "Six" song for Sesame Street for a minute or two, mayhaps.
  • 10:07 I have defiled Sesame Street. I wrote a parody of the "Six" song to be "Sex," because I am a terribly immature and easily amused person.
  • 10:10 Ahhahhah. I just read quickly through my "Physics" parody to the Pokemon Song and giggled a lot. I need to write parodies about everything.
  • 10:33 @Loulupip I obviously need to have a life and do more revision, so I don't perversely parody children's tunes!
  • 11:38 @Loulupip Free condoms! I love condoms! X3 @moebiuscascade You tell that revision what's so, woman!
  • 11:38 I finished my second mammals lecture! Mini break and then onto third. Tea at some point, finish mammals, do chem and eco, done for day.
  • 11:40 Also, I think this icon is finally the perfect one. Combo of kiwibird and fruit, black and green and out there. Perfect for me. Love! Happy!
  • 12:33 Ben told me not to lock myself away. If locking myself away means locking myself from him? Sounds like a perfect idea to me. Sweaty manboy.
  • 12:54 Alright, I declare it tea time! Didn't get through badgers but it's messing with my mind and I need some foodstuff. Slightly edible.
  • 13:22 @joyitude Eeeii, thanks! So glad to hear that. :D Love when icons are fitting, and I especially adore when others agree! Joy joy joy.
  • 13:23 I am back from tea and brought back a donut for later nomage (like homage, for food). I don't wanna go back to badgherrrrrs.
  • 14:20 Finally finished the terribly long, reasonably pointless badger section! I also love the terms crepuscular and vespertine. Vespertine. <3.
  • 14:21 @moebiuscascade It is always twitter anonymous time. Plox save me from chemistryyyy? Hides under pillow.
  • 14:39 My sniffles are back full force. D: Noo. And it's time for CHEMISTRY, of all things. Ah FML. I am too tired for this silly shite! angry face
  • 14:40 Also, my hand hurts. I wish I had been born ambidextrous so I could relieve my right hand from duty for a while. Poor hand.
  • 14:49 FML. In one day, revising naked MOLE rats and then going to the stupid moles of chemistry. a;sldkj Moles should be animals! Not chemistry!
  • 15:05 @MuddyRd It's down for me. D: Blasphemy! Now I don't know what to do with my life again!
  • 15:06 I want to get a time machine and make my smart-arse sophomore self do this revision for me. Or take my exam. Or complain with.
  • 15:12 I take that back. Soph!me is telling me to call it "Avocado's Number" to make me laugh and remember it. You silly girl! Stop dancing around!
  • 15:39 I finished one lecture of chem. Time for second lecture for the day, and then back to ecology. I wonder what time I'll finish tonight.
  • 15:41 I take that back, I am nomming my donut first before I even attempt to tackle more terrible chemness. =P
  • 15:57 @moebiuscascade I am so feeling that. My hand wants to go on strike and just slap me for a good long time. Ouchies, ouchies.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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