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[. don't you understand me baby? .]

Ecology: 2/4.
Mammals: 2/3.

To do:
Mammals: 1/3
Chemistry: 2/2.
Ecology: 2/4.

Meerkats are really cool. And sooooo cute. They made my ovaries throb, it was ridiculous! :3

Tea-time soon but I want to get pretty far on this next lecture. Won't be as cute as meerkats but still good knowledge. Badgers. I love thinking of them personified--all good grumps and the lot.

I have actually left the door open today. Although in the end I twitter more with some second-floor girls, and just talk with Jujubean, Tinboy, and Mattmaths.

My solitude is loverly. I adore solitude. And my softly-lit room that is so cozy and comfy and peaceful. c:

This is joy!

Also, I was a terrible person today and wrote a sexual parody to a Sesame Street song. Exam revision drains my sanity, I swear! At least I got the whackiness out of my system before I work more on my Hermione Bang story tonight. 8k. Want to get to 10k tonight!
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