Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 04:44 Awake. Me and TJ's anniversary is July 7th. 3 years. Holy heck, it so does not seem that way! Sophomores to freshers again! Whoa!
  • 05:38 The song "Vincent" breaks my heart. So for some reason I listen to it frequently. I love the beautiful sting of something touching.
  • 05:48 Finished the ecology lecture I didn't finish yesterday. Will be behind on Humans, but that's my last exam and have an extra weekend for it.
  • 05:55 I shouldn't skip breakfast again, no matter how tired I am. Hungerrr. Also, "fecundity" is a funny word. And I'm sniffling, poo! :c
  • 06:00 @moebiuscascade Come collect a hug at lunch, dear! <3 Congrats on making it through the e-word that we shall not speak of again!
  • 07:34 @moebiuscascade I'm heading down to lunch in a bit, after I make a quick lj entry and get dressed. Wanna meet up for some lunchin'?
  • 07:46 @moebiuscascade LJ post finished. =P I'll just hop into some clothes and come down to the second floor, then!
  • 08:38 Zoë has DW! So she's giving me her free code! Eiiii this makes me so happy, I get to test it out! Back from lunch procrastination for work.
  • 08:56 @Loulupip Same here. D: Good luck! We will not be overcome by this silly fresher's revision, we won't, we won't! We'll tackle it together!
  • 10:12 I'm probably just going to use dreamwidth for the short fun posts I like to make but don't make very often nowadays.
  • 10:53 @moebiuscascade Awwr, that's so epic of your sister! Good line. "You are so not worth my time" and walking off. I should try that with Sass.
  • 10:53 Finished Mammals lecture from heck. Next lecture is not pictures of mammals having sex, it's pictures of male anatomy everywhere. Great.
  • 10:56 I should not be such a snob. I see "Twilight series" on Favourite Book Lists on Goodreads and am less likely to friend back. Shameful!
  • 12:15 @Loulupip @moebiuscascade Haha, alright, sensible.
  • 12:15 Awake from my nap. Feel a bit weak/off. Ah, moontimes, you do not always approve of my working through you! Behind for today, so behind.
  • 12:58 Break for tea and then back to mammals. Revision, goodness gracious, you're endless. Will need serious decompression tonight. Feel icky!
  • 13:50 Sometimes I end up embarrassed with the fact that I was raised and encouraged by friends and family to be incredibly candid. Some don't like
  • 14:21 @snoopy874 80 degrees? Shite, I'd be dying! Thank goodness it's not hot here.
  • 14:22 Science terms make me giggle. Like "ephemeral aggregates" basically meaning "we dunno, they keep changing around on us! Sound smart!"
  • 14:57 @snoopy874 I would be hiding under your bed in 80 degree weather. Or skinny dipping in your lake. Or getting ice cream. But I'm REVISING </3
  • 15:02 @createsunspots What are you submitting where? Submitting! That's an exciting word to hear when it comes to writing.
  • 15:02 I have 3 hours to complete 4 lectures. This is so not happening. I guess I'll be happy to finish Chemistry, then, and be behind on Eco.
  • 15:05 @createsunspots No, I need lots of space and two hands and a laptop. Although I could work nudity and a bed and ice cream in I suppose. :B
  • 15:15 @snoopy874 YOU don't feel like DRIVING? Wow. What drugs did you take? :P Go, go, drive to see the butch lesbians wielding wood!
  • 15:15 @createsunspots Good luck! I would have so much trouble with being nervous and picking a story to submit for the class! Want to some day.
  • 15:39 Ohmigods, my chemistry notes are seriously the most repetitive thing I have ever witnessed. Drilling into my head? Or was I that bored?
  • 16:02 enjoys when Levellers' "One Way" comes on and she cranks up the volume; reminds her of Pip and the fact that she CAN get through evil exams.

And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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