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Doom, it's the gay tree!

Helst **: is it Gay pride season already?!?

Auto response from Cranky Crocus: Yesssss! I have my pride flag! I was all cool about it, too. I decided not to put up all corners, and since my wall slants I pinned the top to corners above the outside edge of my bed so the flag hangs down. Not far, mayhap three feet, and it doesn't exactly create a cove or anything, but it's NIFTY. <3.

I brought up lots of my random rainbow stuff from downstairs.

Grammie asked me what the armbands were for...

I think I need to restock. It's beginning to sound a lot like Gay Pride!

Helst **: I haven't gotten the gay tree out yet!
Helst **: And think of the presents I have to get!

Haha. He's great. =P.

So yes, I'm cleaning my room. Organising, as well, and decorating. I've got to figure out a way to get my cards/pictures up on my wall without many holes and few holes. Ah. Idea. Giant pieces of sketchpad underneath them. Sweet.

EDIT - That REALLY makes me want to get a rainbow lighty tree, or just a random tree in general. And then I could send out rainbow stuff to people. Bracelets and stuff. It'd be wicked fun.
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