Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:19 I just closed a heavy dorm door on my bare foot. Ouches. Also still dying of revision with Hayley. Want to get to sleep with her tonight!
  • 16:19 I also said "lecture sex" in one of my recent tweets, instead of six. This very much still amuses me.
  • 17:05 Dear Lipids: I hate the lecture on you. It is long and has many words in it to copy. Too many concepts. Makes me fat with little knowledge.
  • 17:18 My face looks tired. Poor face. Mary's playing Alanis' "Ironic," which makes my life. Still suffering lipids. </3. Not cool, life, not cool!
  • 18:08 I finally made it through lipids and I sort of want to die, that was so long and tedious. No idea how much I took in. Onward, then. Sigh.
  • 18:28 Looks like I won't be sleeping tonight. I really don't want to be living right now. I want it to be noon tomorrow. Uni. WTF. FML.
  • 19:06 Hayley's getting a 6-hour sleep, lent me her notes and cards. Writing things isn't working anymore. Gonna read lectures, her notes and c ...
  • 19:07 Hopefully this will help. I'm so nervous. I've feared Living Hell all year. D: Stupid cell. I want to pass!
  • 19:27 @moebiuscascade I am going to need some serious huggage tomorrow.
  • 05:20 Giggles. I just got an email from monthlycycle to remind me that my moontime should start in around three days. Useful. Crankiness explained
  • 05:21 I survived my exam. Think/hope I passed, but trying to not get expectations/hopes up. I did my best. Now I'm around again, sanity precious!
  • 05:23 @createsunspots I agree with the "digestive biscuits" thing! I get teased when I call them cookies. Silly Brits.
  • 05:24 I think my celebration for myself will be doing my washing (so I have clean pants), reading (nummy) and ukulele. And breathing. That's good.
  • 05:36 I have an appointment with counselling! Yaaaay. Well, as soon as I confirm it. The halfway mark is better than nothing. More sanity to come!
  • 06:43 I am toasting myself with sweet soda in a wine glass and doing livejournal memes, like I used to do in HS and JR when school!relieved.
  • 07:59 That is the first time I've ever successfully done a mood theme with the admin code. Yay Calzone mood theme! And lunch time. :D
  • 10:23 @moebiuscascade I'm preparing for my new batch of revision. :P Getting it all on my computer so I'm more mobile. Washing. Avoiding friends.
  • 10:41 @moebiuscascade Thanks! I'm knackered now but trying to get some stuff done. c: Good luck with revising! Luck luck luck!
  • 11:38 I am a wicked machine. Washing finished soon, all my revision folders set up. To do: nap, collect washing, revision table, tea, relaxish.
  • 11:54 I finally sent out an email to the Pagan group in the area through the yahoo group. Connecting with Quakers, UUs and Pagans. So perfect.
  • 12:43 @snoopy874 That was the most beautiful tweet I've ever seen. D: I'm sorry your seniors are leaving. That's so sad. Glad they touched you. <3
  • 12:44 I made that last tweet to Snoops sound dirty. Oops. :c I've been a good girl and folded/put away my clothes. Cleaning room tonight. Nap, tea
  • 13:37 @FirmieFirms It's one of the recent entries in the Calzone community, I think, but I don't have the link. I can check in a bit.
  • 14:40 @shondarhimes Fancy floss?! Used to love picking things out of the "Treasure Chest" from the dentist. Don't know how they made it exciting!
  • 15:06 @DinahLady D:sending hugs!
  • 15:33 I finished making a revision time table that I like and is reasonably loose enough. That feels a bit better. It starts tomorrow, after sleep
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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