Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 16:38 It almost made me cry again that iTunes DJed Scissor Sister's "I Can't Decide." Reminders of Toast. Her birthday soon. 20. Won't be there.
  • 16:42 @moebiuscascade That's not fun! D: I've got my room sorted. It's all mine. Claimed over and again. Loft room, with Tinboy, it's love. GL!
  • 17:06 @moebiuscascade I think you deserve the room. This makes me sad. What do your other housemates think?
  • 17:06 I am revising for this exam the way I used to in junior high and high school. May as well try it. Used to work.
  • 17:23 @moebiuscascade My response is tears too. If you want a great crying spot, I've got my room and bed all set up for tears. Can cry together!
  • 17:42 Listening to Disney music makes life happier. "Under the Sea." Needs to have parodies written about it, by me!
  • 18:10 @moebiuscascade I haven't had my dinner yet. =P I eat really late, if at all. I figure if I don't eat it tonight I'll eat it for lunch.
  • 18:10 @moebiuscascade So yes, feel free to come up and visit! It would inspire me to put a shirt back on over sports bra! Giggles. HAte clothes.
  • 18:15 @joyitude @zapthatmonster I am also jealous of this being done with school, Shoe! Why are we not?!
  • 18:17 Tierney Sutton's covers/songs always make me want to write Kittyhawk stories. Fandom, out of my head, I'm revising, sillies! McCat, OUT!
  • 19:22 RT @amber_benson: Traffic sux! @moebiuscascade This be for you!
  • 05:02 @lovemefortrueme So agreed. So, so agreed. Grey's fandom can be insane. But compared to others? We're actually okay!
  • 05:03 I hate waking up on mornings of worky days and I don't like days of revision for subjects I'm not so interested in. Ah well. Hides.
  • 07:06 I'm allergic to my deodorant. a;sdkfj;lakj D: Keep sneezing. Need to decide which ready meal I want for lunch, since skipped dinner.
  • 08:59 Hmm. I'm extraordinarily frakked again. :D Lectures 1-2 done out of 13 for tomorrow. This should be exciting...not! (90's childddd!)
  • 09:40 Augh. I don't know how Batgirl does it. Four terrible exams next week starting Monday, not stressed, not revising. WTF, HOW?! I can't!
  • 10:04 Gin Blossoms reminds me of freshman self and comforts me. Didn't care quite so much then. Makes me feel better. Yay littler Kiwi! <3 We hug.
  • 10:35 Andrea apparently has a bit hard exam tomorrow too that she's not prepared for, so she'll probably be up most or all the night. Companion!
  • 10:44 I am going to spend a lot of time in house next year going up and down stairs to use the loo. =P It will be entertaining.
  • 11:24 It is difficult reading Dr. Seuss out loud when "chance" and "pants" don't rhyme in my accent. Giggles. I recorded Oh, the Places You'll Go!
  • 11:27 The recording of me reading Oh, the Places You'll Go. :D Stress-relief is epic.
  • 11:42 I wish the room were a little warmer. And I didn't stink at things so badly. =P But mainly I'm a bit tired. Ah well. I'll make it, right?
  • 12:39 @moebiuscascade What drama of epic proportions has occurred today? D: Poor shampoo! Damnpoo! :P
  • 13:39 Finished lecture four, onto five. Ordered naan bread to have change for washing. And sweetness for little sleep. Yayness!
  • 14:27 The naan bread was so good. All the toilets are gross, that's sad. I hate codons. GAG is Glu, that's all I know. Failsauce.
  • 14:49 RT @moebiuscascade: I hate everything. that is all. [I agree with this full-heartedly. I want to sleep for a month.]
  • 14:59 "You don't drink, do drugs, have sex, make bets, you don't sound very interesting Kiwi!" That about sums up my life. =] I'm actually boring!
  • 15:39 Watsonii just sent me a beautiful heart-warming email. Ah, people like her make my life so wonderful and warm. Living and loving, loving!
  • 16:03 I did not find lecture sex, carbohydrates, to be very helpful. The lecturer was fun but his presentation is pretty useless. Sigh.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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