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Oh, the Places You'll Go

I needed a stress-relief break and wanted to read a children's book, because they always have the best morals. And on one of my many trips to the loo I thought, "Goodness me. I've had a bump and fallen into a Slump, and I'm on my way to the Waiting Place, oh dear." My mind often thinks in Dr. Seuss.

So I recorded myself reading it. It's difficult reading Dr. Seuss when "chance" and "pants" no longer rhyme in my accent/dialect! I tried, but now pants sounds funny. =P I especially love, now, that one of the lines is about getting up with Strange Birds. I'm a strange bird, I imagine! Grins.

And on to further Living Hell revision.

Sass just walked by. Sigh. We don't really speak. Getting sick of the constant snark every which way.

But I will not let this be a downer to me!
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