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32 Is Still a God-Damn Number, 32 Still Counts

[10:03 PM] Kiwi: Thank you for being my friend, Aubrey. Big smiles.
[10:21 PM] Aubrey: All my love darling
[10:22 PM] K: And mine back, a lovely exchange of Aubrey and Kiwi flavoured love!
[10:22 PM] A: nom nom nom

Life really does make me happy sometimes.

I took a dance break. Lights out, music on, etc. I always mean to keep my clothes on. Well, usually I do. This time I did. Started with clothing, then "One Week" came on and you just have to take your shirt off for that. Then, for some reason, "I Just Can't Wait to be King" came on and inspired me to take off Hayley's jogging trousers. So now I'm in boxers and a sports bra. Ahhahhah, I was practically always in this back home in the first year of high school!

I really really really need an icon of Callie's underwear dancing. Because I so do it all the time.

I'm revising now. It's slow, it's not perfect, but it's being done.
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