Kiwi Crocus (cranky__crocus) wrote,
Kiwi Crocus

Teh Kwii's Kweh

  • 17:08 Girls who speak Spanish? So hot, so hot. As I've just been reminded. Geh I wish I were bilingual! So much so much!
  • 17:11 OK, that was the best scene I've ever seen. And me and McSpleeny have that crying for authority problem. Lulz, this show!
  • 17:13 @createsunspots And you are hot. :P Case in point, complete! And your profile pic is adorableee!
  • 17:19 @craigyd I dunno, Irish accents are pretty hot too. I just think accents = pretty sexy! Most of them. Not, er, some, I've come to find.
  • 18:18 @moebiuscascade Phone me, wench! Or visit me! Not that you'll probably be able to handle the stairs, drunkard. =P
  • 07:32 I'm going to go suffer through lunch before I read my lj flist. I'm hungry. I don't want to revise Living Hell. Hides under pillow.
  • 08:15 @moebiuscascade Lulz at watching Titanic. I haven't seen that in so long. Was good seeing you at lunch!
  • 08:27 @moebiuscascade T'isn't a problem. I kind of wish I had got up and moved to sit with you but my friends would have been all offended. D:
  • 10:07 @createsunspots So agreed. And sending many, many hugs. Will we get to see each other before we're both all schooled up again?
  • 10:08 I'm distracting myself from sadness in life and revision by finishing up my room and listening to music. Then Living Hell revision.
  • 11:46 Avenue Q always makes me feel better about stress and life. And I tend to think, "if life goes too bad, it makes an epic FML story."
  • 11:48 Also, the previous tweet is obviously my opinion of true optimism. "I fit with Avenue Q now" or "This would make a great FML!"
  • 14:05 @createsunspots Hahahaha. Divas adventures. That makes me giggle. Yay for seeing each other! I can't wait for my summer.
  • 15:25 I am feeling sad and lonely. But I'm not looking for the company of my housemates. This is a yucky situation. What to do. Fear revision.
  • 15:51 @moebiuscascade Are you having housemate issues? D:
  • 15:51 I have spent way more time crying today than I ever wanted to. My upper lip is still puffy. Tears haven't ceased, sobbing has. Sigh.
And that's a wrap, folks! Kupokweh!
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