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All set for now.

So I didn't exactly call her. I did see her online, and sent her the link to my journal. I had her read what I had written, and tell me what she thought of the idea. She's all for it. She's also all for having Makuchan come to one, as well, so that all three of us can talk.

I feel so much better.

Those seconds before she replied killed me. Not really. I enjoyed them, in some "sick" way.

But after she replied, complete ecstasy. Seriously. Overcoming fears is a thrilling feeling. I don't need to go out and jump out of a plane to get the feeling, either. It's really easy to get it in "regular" life. And I don't need to go and get in huge fights with friends.

I don't know. I guess I call it courage. Then I feel like I'm being an arrogant prick. But... I guess I am courageous. I don't try to be it specifically, but I try to live a life I love. I guess courage comes with that, though it starts in me.

Now I'm not really getting anywhere.

I was in a really awesome chat.

-Is Angelina Jolie.-
I made a boobcake wallpaper. Haha.

... ATfEH = A Thorn for Every Heart.
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